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Global Education Week

In 1999 the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe has launched the first Global Education Week, promoting school activities in the member States with a specific focus on how to overcome poverty and social exclusion.
Since, and on the basis of the very positive feed-back from 1999, the North-South Centre invites the 46 member States of the Council of Europe to participate annually in the Global Education Week.

The aims of the Global Education Week

The Global Education Week encourages pupils and teachers as well as youth groups to explore educational activities for global citizenship. It is a matter of addressing issues of diversity and inequality at the local as well as at the global level with an understanding of the core issues of global citizenship:

    awareness of the wider world and of our own role as a world citizens;
    attitudes of respect for diversity and intercultural communication skills;
    ability to take action to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place;
    responsibility for our own actions.

The Global Education Week encourages young people, head teachers, teachers to implement a global education project in their schools, reflecting on how to address exclusion and inequality and discussing globalisation.

Global Education week 2006
“Acting together for a just world”

Global Education week 2005
“Learning for All, Everywhere, Now!”

Global Education week 2004
“Together for a World Without Poverty”

Global Education week 2003
“Conflict and Human Security: the World we live in, the World we want”