Located at 25 km distance from one of the most prominent ancient cities, Troy, Kepez is a town established in the North coast of Aegean Sea, in Canakkale’ s province. Kepez was settled nearly 150 years ago by 28 families who migrated to the area from Bulgaria, after the war between the Ottoman State and Russia; it has a population of 25.544 people today, making it the most crowded town in the administration structure of Turkey. Home to the crucial health, education and trade institutions of the adjacent city Canakkale, and with its increasing population, Kepez grows into the main development area of Canakkale.

Population diversity Population diversity

In Kepez live several ethnic groups, including Muhacir (Muslim migrants from Balkan countries migrated in the late 19th early 20th c.), Turkmen, Kurdish, Gypsy, Meskhetian and Pomak ethnic groups; their population sizes are however unknown. According to the data provided by Canakkale Provincial Migration Office, people from 37 different nations live in Kepez.

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mayor mayor

Dr. Ömer Faruk MUTAN

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