European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)





Bureau member since January 2015

Education and academic and other qualifications

University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro.
Faculty of Law,
Bachelor of Law, November 1987.

Master in Law / MA (UDG University - Podgorica, Montenegro) Thesis: Convergence Between European Convention and EU Law of Human Rights


Professional activities

(a) Present positions

Deputy Ombudsman of Montenegro

(b) Work at national level

- Head of the Law Faculty Centre for Human Rights - Podgorica, Montenegro
- Trainer of civil servants in Ombudsman Law and European Integrations
- Trainer of Younger Court Servants in ECHR law and practice - NGO Centre for Democracy and Human Rights, Montenegro
- Independent expert on minority rights education - NGO CEZAM - Montenegro
- Lecturer on minority rights - Nansen Dialogue Centre - Montenegro
- UNDP associated expert in working on Montenegro National Program of Implementation of European Partnership in Montenegro
- Member of the Council for the Civic Control of Police Forces in Montenegro (an independent body)
- NGO Media Institute of Montenegro - Lecturer in issue of HR
- OHCHR Office in Montenegro - Legal Study on Petit Crime Law in Montenegro
- Centre for Education in Judiciary - lecturer on European Law
- NGO Human Rights Reporting to the European Commission, Open Society Institute Montenegro
- Lecturing on International Asylum Law - NGO Centre For Civic Education - Podgorica Montenegro
- UNICEF - Local Expert on Evaluation of the Work of UNICEF Office in Montenegro
- Head of Legal Advisory Team in working on Annual Reports of the Child Rights in Montenegro (last three years)
- PRSP (Poverty Redaction Strategy Program) in Montenegro - HR aspect, legal advisor
- Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Article 6 (Balkan Trust Foundation and Center for Democracy and Human Rights, Montenegro)
- Evaluation of the Strategy on Minority Policy in Montenegro, NGO CEZAM Montenegro
- Member of the National Task Force working on establishment of the national bodies network in preventing torture (UN OPCAT implementation) - OSCE Mission in Montenegro

(c) International work

- Vice president of the Steering Committee of Balkan Human Rights Network, 2002-2004
- Regional HR protection of elderly persons - BHR Network, 2004
- Lecturer on Summer School for the Future Decision Makers, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2005
- Lecturer on Summer Academy for Human Rights and Democracy, Graz, Austria, 2008
- OSCE - Acting Officer for Human and Minority Rights in Montenegro (July - August, 2008)
- European Space of Justice - Trainer of trainers in Judges education, Bertinoro, Italia, 2004
- MARI Project - NGO sector in SEE, 2004
- Lecturer on European Master in Human Rights and Democracy (MA), Sarajevo - Bologna (three years, 2004-2006) Cluster on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
- Virtual School of Dialogue and Tolerance in the field of Minority Rights (Nansen Dialogue Center of Montenegro) 2006-2007
- HUMSEC (Human Security in SEE) coordinator for Montenegro (EU FP 6 Program)

Publications and other works

- Analysis of institutional protection of HR, USAID ORT/MAP, 2001
- Reform of institutional protection of HR, USAID ORT/MAP, 2002
- Human Rights for Non-Lawyers, HRC SEE Network, 2002
- Legal Aspect of Monitoring of the Protection of Child Rights in Montenegro, 2004, 2005, 2006
- Minority Rights in Practice in SEE – Montenegrin Law (Open Society Institute, King Boudain Foundation, 2008)
- Civil Society and Good Governance in Societies in Transition - Case of Montenegro, 2006

Language skills

- Speaking and writing English - excellent
- Speaking and writing Italian - excellent

Other relevant information

Legal research activities during 90-ties:
- safety at work
- environmental polution
- noise polution
- ESC rights in the World

Participation in NGO campaigns in Montenegro:
- Stop War Crimes
- Days of Religious Tolerance
- Farewell to Arms - Legal bind of arms bearing at public places
- Stop Trafficking of Human Beings (Women NGO in Montenegro and OHCHR Office in Montenegro