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SEMINAR: Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 26-27 June 2008

The views expressed in these documents are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the Council of Europe  
The role of languages in policies for the integration of adult migrants
Jean-Claude Beacco
NB : The following studies are published in a single volume (paper form); several footnotes refer to ‘Parts’ in this volume corresponding to the various studies.

I. The ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ and the development of policies for the integration of adult migrants
David Little

II. Quality assurance in the provision of language education and training for adult migrants – Guidelines and options
Richard Rossner

III. Language tests for social cohesion and citizenship – an outline for policy makers ALTE Authoring Group (Association of Language Testers in Europe)
The following language versions were kindly provided by ALTE members:
Bulgarian; German; Italian; Norwegian

IV. Language learning, teaching and assessment and the integration of adult immigrants. The importance of needs analysis
Piet van Avermaet & Sara Gysen

V. Tailoring language provision and requirements to the needs and capacities of adult migrants
Hans-Jürgen Krumm / Verena Plutzar
I. Responding to the language needs of adult refugees in Ireland: an alternative approach to teaching and assessment
David Little

II. The role of literacy in the acculturation process of migrants
Hervé Adami 

III. Language Learning in the Context of Migration and Integration – Challenges and Options for Adult Learners
Verena Plutzar & Monika RITTER

IV. Education: Tailor-made or one-size-fits-all? A project commissioned by the Nederlandse Taalunie
ITTA/Elwine Halewijn; CTO/Annelies Houben, Heidi De Niel

V. Living together in diversity - Linguistic integration in Flanders
Reinhilde Pulinx

Integration of Adult Migrants and Education : Extracts from Council of Europe Conventions and Recommendations / Resolutions by the Committee of Ministers and Parliamentary Assembly
Document DGIV/EDU/LANG (2008) 4

NB: Ministries who wish to contribute official texts related to the seminar’s themes which can be placed here are invited to contact the Language Policy Division

Evaluation of the nation wide Integration Courses: i) Concept; ii) Executive Summary

Presentation of the pilot project “Certify your Italian. A language for knowing and making yourself known” [“Certifica il tuo italiano. La lingua per conoscere e farsi conoscere”]