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Guide for the development of Language Education Policies in Europe (PDF)

The following studies are also available in French



1. Alexander Neville

Language education policy, national and sub-national identities in South Africa

2. Beacco Jean-Claude

Languages and Language Repertoires: Plurilingualism as a way of life in Europe (also available in Georgian)

3. Breidbach Stephan

Plurilingualism, Democratic Citizenship in Europe and the Role of English

4. Castelloti Véronique / Moore Danièle

Social representations of languages and teaching

5. Churchill Stacy

Language Education, Canadian Civic Identity and the Identities of Canadians

6. Costanzo Edvige

L’Educazione Linguistica in Italia: Un’esperienza per l’Europa?
Language education in Italy: an experience for Europe?

7. Doyé Peter


8. Gogolin Ingrid

Linguistic diversity and new minorities in Europe

9. Grin François

Using language economics and education economics in language education policy

10. Huhta Marjatta

Tools for planning language training

11. Johnstone Richard

Addressing 'the age factor': some implications for languages policy

12. Neuner Gerd

Policy approaches to English

13. Lo Bianco Joseph

Language policy: an Australian perspective

14. Ó’Riagáin Pádraig

The Consequences of Demographic Trends for Language Learning and Diversity

15. Piri Riita

Teaching and learning less widely spoken languages in other countries

16. Raasch Albert

Europe, frontiers and languages

17. Seidlhofer Barbara

A concept of international English and related issues: from ‘real English’ to ‘realistic English’?

18. Skutnabb-Kangas Tove

Why should linguistic diversity be maintained and supported in Europe? Some arguments

19. Starkey Hugh

Democratic Citizenship, Languages, Diversity and Human Rights

20. Truchot Claude

Key aspects of the use of English in Europe

21. Willems Gerard

Language teacher education policy promoting linguistic diversity and intercultural communication