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Intercultural Cities (ICC) Project description

Project background and description

The Council of Europe and the European Commission have launched the Intercultural cities (ICC) initiative in order to develop, implement and monitor a novel approach to integration, based on the concept of diversity advantage. Diversity is not a threat – it can be an asset for communities if managed in a positive and competent way, if inter-cultural interaction and co-creation are encouraged by urban policies and governance models and if urban institutions and officials have the cultural competence enabling them to communicate positively about diversity and manage the challenges and conflicts which may arise.

Over 60 cities in Europe and world-wide have embraced the intercultural integration model and are working together to put it into practice. Extensive city profiles, hundreds of practice examples, a step-by-step guide and thematic papers on the intercultural approach in specific policy areas, and an Intercultural Cities Index, as well as regular study visits and thematic events support cities’ efforts.