Vote Outside of the Box

As part of its electoral co-operation activities, the Council of Europe developed an online course for Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) on awareness raising with young people “Vote Outside of the Box”. The course aims at strengthening the capacity of EMBs and their stakeholders who wish to develop strategic approaches to raising awareness of electoral processes and building electoral knowledge amongst young people as potential first-time voters.

Furthermore, the course focuses on how to develop and plan electoral awareness raising measures targeted at young people, which can be used to help increasing the numbers of young people taking part in elections. The course also focuses on assisting Electoral Management Bodies in making strategic decisions and choices about the types of awareness raising measures which are appropriate within their specific context.

The course is based on the Vote Outside of the Box toolkit and is accessible upon registration on the HELP platform.

The course is split into five modules and the expected learning time is 6 Hours.

  • Module 1 - Course Overview
  • Module 2 - What are ‘electoral awareness raising measures’?
  • Module 3 - Developing a young voters profile
  • Module 4 - Choosing the right type of awareness measure
  • Module 5 - Implementing electoral awareness raising measures