Giuseppe PALMISANO (Italian)

  • Professor of International Law
    Roma Tre University - Law Faculty (Italy)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2022



Monika SCHLACHTER (German)

  • Professor of Civil law, Labour and International law
    Director of Legal Studies
    Institute for labour law and industrial relations in the European Community
    University of Trier (Germany)
  • Term of Office:  31/12/2018

Karin LUKAS (Austrian)

  • Senior Legal Researcher and Head of Team
    Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human rights,
    Vienna (Austria)
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2022


Eliane CHEMLA (French)

General Rapporteur
  • State councillor
    State Council, Paris (France)
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2018



Birgitta NYSTRÖM (Swedish)

  • Professor of Private law
    Faculty of law
    University of Lund (Sweden)
  • Term of Office:   31/12/2018



Petros STANGOS (Greek)

  • Professor of European law
    Holder of the Jean Monnet Chair "European human rights law"
    School of law, Department of International studies
    Aristotle University, Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2020



József HAJDÚ (Hungarian)

  • Professor of Labour law and Social Security
    Faculty of law
    University of Szeged (Hungary)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2018


Marcin WUJCZYK (Polish)

  • Assistant Professor of Labour law and social policy
    Jagiellonian University, Cracow (Poland)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2018



Krassimira SREDKOVA (Bulgarian)

  • Professor of Labour law and Social Security
    University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2020



Raul CANOSA USERA (Spanish)

  • Professor of Constitutional law
    University Complutense, Madrid (Spain)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2020




Marit B. FROGNER (Norwegian)

  • Judge
    Labour Court of Norway,
    Oslo (Norway)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2020



François VANDAMME (Belgian)

  • Former Director International Affairs, Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, Brussels (Belgium)
  • Former visiting professor, College of Europe (Bruges, 1998-2012, "Enjeux sociaux et gouvernance de l'Europe")
  • Former invited "Maître de conférences" (2008-2014) in Labour law, Catholique University of Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, (Belgium)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2020

Barbara KRESAL (Slovenian)

  • Professor of Labour law and Social Security
    University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Term of Office:  31/12/2022 




Kristine DUPATE (Latvian)

  • Associate Professor, International and European law
    Faculty of Law, University of Latvia
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2022




Aoife NOLAN (Irish)

  • Professor of International Human Rights Law
    School of Law, University of Nottingham
    Hauser Senior Global Research Fellow,
    CHRGJ, NYU School of Law
  • Term of Office:  31/12/2022




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