The Collective Complaints procedure was introduced by the Additional Protocol providing for a system of collective complaints, adopted in 1995.

The aim pursued with the introduction of the procedure was to increase the effectiveness, speed and impact of the implementation of the Charter.

In this view, the collective complaints procedure has strengthened the role of the social partners and non-governmental organisations by enabling them to directly apply to the European Committee of Social Rights for rulings on possible non-implementation of the Charter in the countries concerned, namely those States which have accepted its provisions and the complaints procedure.

The decisions adopted by the European Committee of Social Rights in the framework of this monitoring mechanism can be consulted using the European Social Charter Caselaw Database (HUDOC Charter).

More on the collective complaints procedure

  List of INGOs entitled to lodge collective complaints established by the Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter and the European Code of Social Security


Findings of the European Committee of Social Rights

 European Committee of Social Rights Findings 2022 on the follow-up to decisions in the collective complaints procedure with respect to Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden.

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