The honouring of commitments entered into under the Charter by the States Parties is subject to the supervision of the European Committee of Social Rights. Its 15 independent, impartial members are elected by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers for a period of six years, renewable once.

The European Committee of Social Rights monitors compliance with the Charter under two complementary mecanisms: through collective complaints lodged by the social partners and other non-governmental organisations (Collective Complaints Procedure), and through national reports drawn up by Contracting Parties (Reporting System).

Insofar as they refer to binding legal provisions and are adopted by a monitoring body established by the Charter and the relevant protocols, Decisions and Conclusions of the European Committee of Social Rights must be respected by the States concerned; even if they are not directly enforceable in the domestic legal systems, they set out the law and can provide the basis for positive developments in social rights through legislation and case-law at national level.

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Decisions adopted by the European Committee of Social rights at its 314th session

27/07/2020 Strasourg

The European Committee of Social Rights adopted during its 314th session (6-10 July 2020): Decision on the merits in Associazione Professionale e Sindacale (ANIEF) v. Italy, Complaint No. 146/2017 The complaint Associazione Professionale et Sindacale (ANIEF) v. Italy, No. 146/2017, was registered...

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Monitoring the implementation of the European Social Charter

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