The Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter and European Code of Social Security, composed of representatives of the States party to the Charter and assisted by observers representing European employers’ organisations and trade unions (European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Business Europe (ex UNICE) and International Organisation of Employers (IOE), considers conclusions of non-conformity adopted by the European Committee of Social Rights in the months following their publication.

The State concerned must be in a position to set out the measures which it has taken or which it is contemplating taking in order to remedy the situation and, in the latter case, has to provide a timetable for achieving compliance.

In the event that the Governmental Committee considers that it is not envisaged to remedy a violation and take action on a decision of non-compliance, it may propose that the Committee of Ministers address a Recommendation to the State concerned. A recommendation calls on the State concerned to take appropriate measures to remedy the situation. Every year, the Governmental Committee presents a report to the Committee of Ministers.

Since 2001 this report has been submitted in an abridged version. Since 2002, the Governmental Committee has presented a report concerning the European Social Charter (revised) in addition to its report concerning the European Social Charter. Detailed reports are available below.

 Bureau membership

Bureau members, elected for a 2-year period 2020-2021

  • Chairman: Mr Joseph FABER (Luxembourg)
  • First Vice Chairman: Mr Aongus HORGAN (Ireland)
  • Second Vice Chairwoman : Edward BUTTIGIEG (Malta)
  • Member: Julie GOMIS (France)
  • Member: Velga LAZDINA-ZAKA (Latvia)

 Calendar of Meetings

Meetings in 2021

  • 143rd meeting of the GC, 25-29 October 2021
  • 142nd meeting of the GC, 10-12 May 2021

Meetings in 2020

  • 141st meeting of the GC, 5-8 October 2020

 Detailed reports

Report 2020 / Conclusions 2019 and XX-4(2019)

  • GC(2020)...: Report concerning conclusions 2019 of the European Social Charter (revised) (soon)
  • GC(2020)...: Report concerning conclusions XX-4(2019) of the 1961 European Social Charter (soon)

Reports 2019 / Conclusions 2018 and XXI-3(2018)

Reports 2018 / Conclusions 2017 and XXI-2(2017)

Reports 2017 / Conclusions 2016 and XXI-1(2016)

  Previous reports