Karin LUKAS (Austrian)

  • Senior Legal Researcher
  • Head of Department
    Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human rights,
    Vienna, Austria
  • Visiting Professor, Central European University, Vienna
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2022

Eliane CHEMLA (French)

  • State councillor
    State Council, Paris, France
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2024



Aoife NOLAN (Irish)

  • Professor of International Human Rights Law and Co-Director of the Human Rights Law Centre, School of Law, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Term of Office:  31/12/2022



Giuseppe PALMISANO (Italian)

General Rapporteur
  • Professor of International Law
    Law Faculty of Roma Tre University, Italy
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2022



József HAJDÚ (Hungarian)

  • Professor of Labour law and Social Security,
    Faculty of law, University of Szeged, Hungary
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2024




Barbara KRESAL (Slovenian)

  • Associate Professor of Labour Law and Social Security,
    University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Term of Office:  31/12/2022 




Kristine DUPATE (Latvian)

  • Associate Professor, International and European law,
    Faculty of Law, University of Latvia
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2022




Karin Møhl LARSEN (Danish)

  • Adviser on International Social Security issues and European Union Law (retired)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2026




Yusuf BALCI (Turkish)

  • Professor of Labour Economics and Social Policy, 
    Faculty of Business, Istanbul Commerce University
  • Term of Office:  31/12/2024




Tatiana PUIU (Moldovan)

  • Attorney at Law, Specialist in Human Rights
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2024





Paul RIETJENS (Belgian)

  • Former Director general of Legal Affairs of the Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs,
    Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Brussels, Belgium (retired)
  • Member of the Complaints Board of the European Schools,
    Brussels, Belgium (since 2007)
  • Term of Office: 31/12/2026


George THEODOSIS (Greek) 

  • Assistant Professor of Labour Law and Director of the Laboratory of Comparative and European Social Law,
    Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, Greece 
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2026




Mario VINKOVIĆ (Croatian) 

  • Professor of Labour law and Social security, Holder of the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Labour, Equality and Human Rights Law (2013-2016),
    Faculty of Law, University of Osijek, Croatia
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2026




 Miriam KULLMANN (German) 

  • Associate professor - Social Law Division, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Term of Office : 31/12/2026




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