New recommendation and resolution adopted by the Committee of Ministers

19/02/2024 Strasbourg

The Committee of Ministers has adopted the following recommendation and resolution on 14 February 2024 at the 1489th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies: Recommendation CM/RecChS(2024)1, concerning the follow-up of the decision on the merits adopted on 4 July 2023 by the European Committee on...

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Minister’s deputies of the Council of Europe adopt two declarations prepared by the European Committee for Social Cohesion

19/02/2023 Strasbourg

During its last meeting, in November 2023, the European Committee for Social Cohesion (CCS) discussed and proceeded to a final exchange of views on two draft declarations on Social Cohesion at the Crossroads and on Preserving social Cohesion in the Transition to a Green Economy, which were...

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Call for contributions on the High-Level Conference on the European Social Charter

15/02/2024 Strasbourg

This call for contributions is addressed to states, ministries and other government agencies with social rights responsibilities, intergovernmental organisations, organisations of workers and employers, civil society organisations, academia and individuals with expertise and interest in social...

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The decision on the merits in Union Syndicale Solidaires SDIS v. France, Complaint No. 176/2019 and Union Syndicale Solidaires SDIS v. France, Complaint No. 193/2020, is now public

14/02/2024 Strasbourg

The decision of the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR) on the merits in Union Syndicale Solidaires SDIS v. France, Complaints No. 176/2019 and No. 193/2020 became public on 14 February 2024. In its two complaints, Union Syndicale Solidaires SDIS (SUD SDIS) alleged that the lack of...

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New registered complaint concerning Belgium

13/02/2024 Strasbourg

The complaint was registered on 6 February 2024. It relates to Article 6§2 (the right to collective bargaining) of the revised European Social Charter. The complainant organisations allege that the 1996 Wage Law and its 2017 amendments, which allow the Government to impose in advance a maximum...

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