Regular reports are longitudinal studies that examine how history is taught from a myriad of angles, using a methodology crafted and approved by the Observatory’s Scientific Advisory Council (SAC). The first Report on the state of history teaching in Europe will be drafted by an expert group made up of academics and history teachers in close co-operation and co-ordination with the SAC and will be published in 2023.

History education does not only consist of teaching students about key dates and high-profile figures from the past. History can offer students an insight into how the world works. It can show them how to think independently by examining events using critical thinking and understanding how these events have impacted upon the world and contributed to the formation of our societies. These analytical and critical thinking skills should then allow students to become informed, active citizens.

The Regular Report will examine:

In the long term, this will allow for the identification of good practices in the field of history education, and to learn how to escape the pitfalls of using history lessons to further political agendas.

The schematics below provide a visual on the progress of the report. The First Regular Report on the State of History Teaching in Europe will be published in 2023.