History reflects our shared past. The Observatory intends to showcase how history education can help Europe work towards building a more open and inclusive society, one where all of our histories are heard equally.


An international event hosted in Strasbourg over two days, the Annual Conference connects different organisations and networks of experts in the field of history education.

Every year, over 150 education professionals, government representatives and other interested parties engage in high-level debates on the state of history teaching and related policies.

The Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity to fully showcase the work and goals of the Observatory to future members and partners, as well as to present and discuss the key findings of the OHTE general and thematic reports.

Taking advantage of Council of Europe’s strategic position in Strasbourg, the Annual Conferences also involve local stakeholders, such as public authorities, schools, institutes and museums, who sponsor a series of side events in line with the core programme and objectives of the conference.

Annual conference 2023

"Teaching History, Teaching Peace?"


     Annual conference 2022

"A Future without History Teaching?

      Annual Conference 2021

"Preserving Democracy: Why does History Education Matter?"


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