Quality History Education for Democratic Culture: The third meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council gets to the heart of its mandate

25 October 2021 Strasbourg

“Without quality history education that is based on the competencies for democratic culture, it is difficult if not impossible to have proper, effective, and comprehensive education for democratic culture”, reminded the Director of Democratic Participation, Mr Matjaž Gruden. The methodologies for...

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Keeping History Teaching on the Agenda: OHTE at World Congress of School History Teachers

7 October 2021 MOSCOW

As we celebrated World Teachers Day on 5 October 2021, the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe presented its work, mission, and structure at the World Congress of School History Teachers*. A workshop dedicated to the Observatory also allowed history teachers to actively discuss the impact...

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The Observatory in the spotlight in the latest issue of the magazine L'Histoire

5 October 2021 Strasbourg

The recent tragedy reminds us that the teaching of history still causes a lot of tensions and that this is a situation not without danger. History reflects our common past, and history teaching can help Europe to work towards a more open and inclusive society, where all our histories are heard...

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Adoption of the report of Bertrand Bouyx on the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe in PACE Committee


On 28 September 2021, the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted the report by Bertrand Bouyx (France, ALDE) on the Observatory on history teaching in Europe, and thus encourages non-member States to join the Observatory....

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Maintaining dialogue, exploring cooperation: The OHTE meets with CoE Ambassadors

20 September 2021 Strasbourg

Stakeholder dialogue continues, in order to increase the visibility of the Observatory and to boost its outreach. The most recent set of exchanges took place with representatives of five countries which are not yet members of the Observatory – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Moldova, Monaco,...

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Scientific Advisory Council has its Chair and Vice-chair and gets to work on preparing the Observatory's reports

10 September 2021 ONLINE

During this meeting, the members of the Scientific Advisory Council unanimously elected the Chair, Ms Chara Makriyianni, and Vice-chair, Mr Raul Cârstocea. As a fully functional organ, the Scientific Advisory Council will work and think independently of any institution or country and will ensure...

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OHTE Launches Calls for Experts for Thematic and Regular Reports

30 July 2021 Strasbourg, France

The subject of the Thematic Report is on Pandemics and Natural Disasters as Reflected in History Teaching; therefore, experts should have relevant expertise on this subject as well as relevant experience in the field of history education. The intention is to have the report finalised around May...

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The Scientific Advisory Council hits the ground running

13 July 2021 Online

The 11 members of the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) were elected by the Governing Board on 4 June 2021, to ensure the academic, scholarly, and methodological quality of the work of the Observatory. This inaugural meeting marked an important milestone in the 2021-2023 work programme. The SAC...

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Strenthening the Dialogue: The Observatory on History Teaching in Europe Meets with Permanent Representations to the Council of Europe


The Chair of the Governing Board, Mr Alain Lamassoure, and the OHTE Secretariat, held discussions with several Permanent Representatives to the Council of Europe and the heads of relevant institutions to promote the objectives and the work of the Observatory. Mr Lamassoure presented the latest...

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Seeing the Value in History Teaching: Secretary General meets with the Chair of Governing Board

29 June 2021 Strasbourg, France

The Secretary General and the Chair of the OHTE Governing Board had an open and productive discussion on the current work programme of the Observatory. The Secretary General noted that fostering tolerance amongst the future generations of Europe is a key objective in the mandate of the Council of...

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