Teacher’s opinion needed for 1st report on the state of history teaching in Europe – by 31 December 2022

Questionnaire 23 November 2022 Strasbourg, France

The first OHTE report on the state of history teaching in Europe will present a general overview on how history is taught in its member states based on reliable data and facts. The report will be published by the end of 2023 and will provide information that the policy makers and practitioners...

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“A Future without History Teaching?”- OHTE Annual Conference opens registrations

Conference 15 November 2022 Strasbourg, France

History teaching has been an important area of interest of the Council of Europe for almost 70 years. Throughout the conferences, symposia, workshops and publications issued as a result of the close co-operation with education authorities, academia, teachers and civil society stakeholders, one...

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“Economic Crises in History Teaching” will be the Observatory’s 2nd Thematic Report – Governing Board decides

Statutory 27 October 2022 Strasbourg, France

This October meeting of the Governing Board of the Observatory benefitted from wide on site presence of representative of the 16 member states and 2 observer states, along with representatives of the Scientific Advisory Council but also of the Council of Europe’s CD-EDU. The meeting was opened by...

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Article by Erkan Dinç, member of the Scientific Advisory Council

The European Dimension in History Teaching

Article 20 September 2022 Eskişehir, Türkiye

After obtaining a PhD degree from the University of Nottingham, Mr Erkan Dinç served as an academic and teacher trainer in various universities. He previously acted as a board member for the Board of Education and Instruction, an advisory body within the Turkish Ministry of National Education....

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Centenary of the Irish Civil War: a case-study for Europe

Seminar 4 October 2022 Strasbourg, France

The Irish Civil war, which began in June 1922, remains one of the most tumultuous periods in Irish history. Following the Government of Ireland Act, 1920, and the setting up of the Northern Irish parliament, the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921 compounded partition not only on...

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Provision of specialised IT services for the creation, maintenance, and further development of a Digital Hub

HISTOLAB - Call for Tenders - Deadline 3 October 2022

Call for Tenders 12 September 2022 Strasbourg, France

The CoE/EU Joint Project “Transnational History Education and Co-operation Laboratory (HISTOLAB)” was officially launched on 1 May 2022. The project’s main objective is to bring together education professionals, civil society organisations, experts, research institutes, networks and policy-makers...

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Article by Bridget Martin, member of the Scientific Advisory Council

Integrating Multiperspectivity in the History Classroom

Article 5 August 2022 Paris, France

Ms Bridget Martin is a secondary History Teacher at the International School of Paris, Bridget also leads teacher training activities with EuroClio. She holds a Master of Teaching from the University of Melbourne as well as a Master of Arts (History) from the University of Groningen. She has...

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Purchase of Communication, Infographics and Social media services for the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe

Call for Tenders - Apply by 29 August 2022

Call for Tenders 22 July 2022 Strasbourg, France

The Observatory on History Teaching in Europe is currently seeking the provision of communication services for its key activities in 2022: The Observatory’s 2nd Annual Conference will take place on 1-2 December 2022 at the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, on the topic of “A Futute without History...

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Article by Raul Cârstocea, Vice President of the OHTE Scientific Advisory Council

The Democratisation of History

Article 7 July 2022

Mr Raul Cârstocea is Vice-Chair of the OHTE Scientific Advisory Council, lecturer in Twentieth-Century European History at Maynooth University, Ireland and Honorary Research Fellow in Modern European History at the Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Leicester,...

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Interview with Piero Simeone Colla

Teaching History and Citizenship Education in Europe

Article 12 May 2022

via Novecento.org (Italian) As a member of the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe, can you tell us something about how and when this institution came into being? Who initiated it and why at this time? What are its objectives? The Observatory (OHTE) is still a 'young' body and at the same...

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