Call for Expression of Interest for membership of the Scientific Advisory Council - deadline 15 March 2024

Call for Expression of Interest 25 January 2024 Strasbourg, France

With this call, the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe (OHTE) aims to create a pool of candidates for future membership of the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)*. This call is addressed to experts on history teaching, practitioners as well as academic historians, who wish to be considered...

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History teaching challenged by limited time, curriculum overload and teaching pressures, new Council of Europe report reveals

30 November 2023 Strasbourg

via the Council of Europe main portal The first general report by the Council of Europe Observatory on History Teaching in Europe (OHTE), released in Strasbourg today, highlights teachers' concerns that crowded curriculums and teaching pressures are the greatest obstacles to history teaching in...

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“Teaching History, teaching peace?” – Registrations open for OHTE Annual Conference 2023

headline Annual conference 8 November 2023 Strasbourg, France

The Observatory on History Teaching in Europe (OHTE) has a mission to provide a clear picture of how history is taught. This year, it dedicates its 3rd Annual Conference to the question "Teaching history, teaching peace?", with numerous high-level panelists - including a talk by Timothy GARTON...

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How History can Shape Tomorrow: Insights from OHTE's Forum Talk at the Council of Europe's World Forum for Democracy 2023

World Forum for Democracy 2023 7 November 2023 Strasbourg, France

  The OHTE’s Forum Talk entitled 'Memory, Memorials, and Teaching History', which took place on 7 November 2023, at Palais de l'Europe, explored the intricate connections between memory, memorial sites, and the teaching of history. The discussion emphasised the teaching role of history, and its...

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Call for Tenders - OHTE Pool of Experts

Call for Tenders 20 October 2023 Strasbourg, France

Through its diverse activities, OHTE plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of history education across the continent. OHTE's general reports, which are longitudinal studies, delve into the multifaceted landscape of history teaching within its member states. Over time, these reports are...

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HISTOLAB - Call for Projects for the 2024 European Innovation Days

Call for Projects 19 Septembre 2023

HISTOLAB is a joint project between the European Union and the Council of Europe that focuses on the potential for evolution in history education, and shines a light on innovative initiatives in research, academia, and teaching practices. By connecting past and present, it can inspire learners to...

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Teaching History, Grounding Democracy – an exhibition on history education at the Council of Europe

Exhibition 29 September 2023 Strasbourg, France

History, as a defining feature of our identities, can either pave the way to mutual understanding or be a source of disputes. In the wake of recent conflicts, like Russia’s war against Ukraine, the importance of teaching history based on facts and mutual understanding becomes ever more crucial....

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Ukraine joins the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe as Observer State

Membership 6 June 2023 Strasbourg, France

“It is our belief that the Observatory provides a good opportunity to reinforce co-operation in the field of history education, by facilitating the exchange of information and good practices between member states, in line with the Council of Europe’s values” stated M Lisovyi, Minister of...

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History teaching and national minorities in Europe: between omissions, rehabilitations and competing memories

Article 19 May 2023

Piero S. Colla is a historian and sociologist trained in Bologna and holds a doctorate from EHESS. He is a lecturer at the University of Strasbourg and a researcher attached to the AGORA laboratory. Since 2006, he has been an official of the European Economic and Social Committee (Brussels),...

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The World of History Education at your Finger Tips - registrations open for the HISTOLAB Digital Hub

Resource 21 April 2023 Strasbourg, France

via The HISTOLAB Joint Project of the European Union and Council of Europe, announces the launch of its HISTOLAB Digital Hub, an interactive co-operation platform created to facilitate knowledge exchange, professional development and innovation in history education. As voiced...

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