Back MONEYVAL launches the evaluation process of Latvia

MONEYVAL launches the evaluation process of Latvia

MONEYVAL has officially launched its 6th round of mutual evaluations. Latvia has stepped up to be the first country assessed under the new round. For that  purpose, a high-level exchange was held, with the participation of the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Ms Karina PLOKA, Head of Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia Mr Toms PLATACIS and the Chair of MONEYVAL, Mr Nicola MUCCIOLI. The high-level exchange was followed by a training for the authorities and the private sector. It was aimed at familiarising all national stakeholders involved in the evaluation with the underlying standards and methodology of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the evaluation approach of MONEYVAL. The training was organised physically in Riga and attended by more than 60 representatives, including Government Ministries, the financial intelligence unit, law enforcement, prosecutors, judiciary, supervisors, tax authority, registries and customs. 

Riga 25 March 2024
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