The House of Cultures of the Zaragoza City Council, carries out several programs aimed at the general public, to highlight the cultural richness of other cultures, with the aim of favoring attitudes of respect and coexistence.

Immigrant associations from all countries actively participate in these programs, as well as citizen associations and entities whose objectives include achieving a fairer society.

Fiestas del Pilar: not only “mañicos and mañicas” take regional costumes out of the closet, but also those arriving from other countries take the opportunity to tell us their story through their clothing

Japanese drums sound in the “Parque Grande de Zaragoza”, ... under colored umbrellas to curb prejudice and rumors...

Jota from Saragosa Jota from Saragosa

El Aula InterculturaL: Projects such as the Intercultural Classroom, carried out by the city's immigrant associations, promote attitudes of respect and coexistence

April 8: International Day of the Gypsy People. In 2019 Juan de Dios accompanied us at the River Ceremony. In 2020, the fountains and the Aljafería palace were illuminated with the colors of the gypsy flag

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The Zaragoza Diversa Festival, since 2008, brings to the Plaza del Pilar a part of the cultures of the whole world, filling it with music, gastronomy, games, dance,…. for the enjoyment of all citizens