Oeiras is a municipality located in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, where it occupies the 4th place regarding inhabitants’ density (3797,9 inh/km2). The city is flanked on the south by the river Tejo, where it meets the Atlantic ocean (Tejo estuary), on the north by the municipalities of Sintra and Amadora, on the east by Lisbon and on the west by Cascais.

population diversity

With 174.249 inhabitants (2016), it is the 6th municipality within Lisbon Metropolitan Area in number of residents. According to Immigration and Borders Service (2016), foreigners represent around 5% of the total population.

There can be identified two milestones regarding international migration fluxes to Oeiras: the first one, felt mostly after 1974, with people coming mainly from the Portuguese Speaking Countries in Africa, especially from Cape Verde; and the second, in the 90’s, with migrants coming from Brazil, Asia and Eastern Europe countries.

Oeiras is therefore a diverse municipality, enriched with people from Brazil, Cape-Verde, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, China, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, ST. Tome and Principe, Spain, UK among others. Most recently, due to forced migration movement and the so called refugee crisis, Oeiras has also residents from Eritrea, Iraq and Syria.

Globally, Oeiras has high standards of life quality, development and wealth, being the second municipality in Lisbon Metropolitan Area with the highest purchasing power per capita.

In the territory, business and international enterprises provide dynamics and economic development, with the headquarters of most relevant company’s especially those in ICT.

Thus, due to it high life standards, services and responses, Oeiras is a municipality to live, work and study, and no longer a sole dormitory village of Lisbon.

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