Montesilvano is the third largest city in Abruzzo, a Region surrounded by hills, located in the center of the Italian peninsula, on the Adriatic shore. Dating back to the Middle Age, the city’s historic center is located on the hills surrounded by the pine forest, a few kilometers away from the modern city.

Population diversity

Due to its geographical position, Montesilvano has a very diverse population: 8.3% of its population is foreign-born and the most represented nationalities are Romanian, Senegalese, Albanian, Chinese and Venezuelan. The Administration is particularly sensitive to the intercultural approach applied to local public policies. The economy of Montesilvano is mainly based on seaside and congress tourism, with the highest hotel accommodation capacity in the region. Complementary economic activities are related to trade, the tertiary sector and some industrial activities.

Profile and activities

The public administration of Montesilvano has implemented, in collaboration with Caritas Foundation, an intercultural mediation project targeting students and teachers of local school, obtaining excellent results. Since June 2017, the city has been implementing the “SPRAR”, an Italian scheme for the protection, socio-economic and housing integration of asylum-seekers and refugees. The SPRAR project implemented by Montesilvano is the most relevant in Italy and it is financed by the Ministry of Interior and implemented in partnerships with local organisations.

The participation of Montesilvano to the “Città del Dialogo” and the ICC programme constitutes a real opportunity to share the city’s own experience in the field of intercultural inclusion and to learn from the other cities of the national and international networks. The possibility of working in partnership is a productive instrument able to generate positive effects on the local public policies and to build a real interculturally integrated society.

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