Lodi is the capital of one of the Italian provinces with the highest percentages of residents of foreign origin. One of the top priorities of the Municipal Administration is to promote policies for mediation of possible conflicts, as well as policies for the second generations.

Population diversity
Lodi has 44,036 residents (December 2009 update). Of them, the people of foreign origin are 5,351 (12.2% of the total population): of these 3,556 are non EU, 1,765 are from EU countries, women are 49.7% of them. The presence of immigrants is rather homogeneous in the five city neighbourhoods (from 10.2% to 15.3% of the total population of each neighbourhood). Of the people of foreign origin 23.9% are under age, and many are in the age group 20-64 years old. The largest nationalities are: Rumania (33.5%), Albania (16.6%), Egypt (9%).
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