National Manager of the Intercultural Cities Network of Ukraine

Dr. Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo is the National Manager of the Intercultural Cities Network of Ukraine, who has been closely working with the city of Melitopol within a number of years. She is also a developer of the Melitopol Intercultural Plan that was issued and officially approved by the city in 2015.  In addition, Kseniya has extensive experience ​with​ SME sustainable development and planning​. She is currently running an independent entity and​ have worked with a number of SMEs across Europe, in particular on sustainable and network strategies development, ​​impact evaluation and feasibility studies.

Furthermore, Dr. Kseniya Khovanova-Rubicondo is a professional in the fields of public affairs and urban policy development (PhD, Chicago, MPA, California USA) and serves as the ICC Expert at the Council of Europe's Intercultural Cities Programme. She wrote a few relevant studies in the field that can be found on the Programme's webpage:

The most part of her career she dedicated to urban economic policy development, monitoring and diversity management. She occupied leading managerial and analytical positions at the top international organizations in the USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe. Since 2008, she has served as an expert and the evaluator of the Intercultural Cities Programme of the Council of Europe (CoE), contributed to the ICC Index development, and worked on a number of EC-supported initiatives incl. the Attitudes to Migrants, Communication and Local Leadership (AMICALL, Oxford University, UK), the European Migrant Integration Academy (EU-MIA, Torino, Italy), The Study on the Impact of the European Cultural Routes on SMEs Development and Innovation, and others. Kseniya also served as a principal evaluator and the theory of change developer (see the study on of the Communication 4 Integration (C4i) project, jointly supported by the CoE and the EC).​