Launch of an independent evaluation of the ICC programme’s services and tools

Launch of an independent evaluation of the ICC programme’s services and tools

The ICC programme has grown significantly since its start in 2008 and now runs on a global scale with 154 members from all over the world. The increased diversity in member cities’ needs and expectations has led to a more diverse offer of the programme in terms of services and tools. In this context, the ICC team has commissioned an evaluation and plans on using its outcomes and recommendations for the purpose of re-prioritising the services offered by the ICC programme without losing its impact.

A team of independent experts has been selected to carry out the evaluation between March and September 2022. Their main purpose will be to assess the areas in which the programme's added value is best benefiting for its members and which of its services are the most impactful. They will also identify areas and tools that are more suitable for multilevel governance and cooperation, as the ICC programme will increasingly support cities in this respect.

To carry out this evaluation, the independent experts will collect data using different methods including document reviews, interviews, case studies and surveys. In order to ensure the evaluation’s meaningful findings, the ICC team counts on the collaboration and availability of ICC member cities’ coordinators, as well as ICC national networks’ coordinators, particularly throughout the data collection phase (expected between May-July).

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