Intercultural Cities in Ukraine: top quality of life ranking

Intercultural Cities in Ukraine: top quality of life ranking

The ICC experts have observed an association between the intercultural performance of cities as measured by the ICC Index and the degree of satisfaction with living conditions in the ICC cities. Interestingly enough, this observation appears to be valid for the Ukrainian ICC Network as well. Two cities-members of the ICC-Ukraine Network - Vynnitsa and Lutsk - are among the top three in the national rating of the 'most comfortable for living' cities in Ukraine. Other two members of the ICC-UA - Odessa and Sumy - are listed in the top 20.

This rating is a result of a municipal nationwide survey commissioned by IRI (International Republican Institute) which was conducted in February 2017 by the sociological group "Rating". 17,500 respondents took part in the survey evaluating the quality of cities' life by analyzing more than 20 types of provided services. According to the survey, the top three cities with the most comfortable conditions for living in Ukraine are Vynnitsa, Kharkiv and Lutsk.

Next steps? Given the conclusions of the recent comparative study of the ICC Index and Eurobarometer's Quality of Life Data conducted by the Council of Europe in November 2016,  it would be interesting to see if there is any similarity in service rating by the respondents in the Ukrainian and European ICC cities.

28 September 2020 28 September 2020
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