Back Anti-rumours work continues in Bilbao despite the sanitary emergency

Anti-rumours work continues in Bilbao despite the sanitary emergency

Despite the fact that the people who are part of the Anti-Rumours (AR) network are currently at home in Bilbao, there is a commitment to adapt the services to energise the existing anti-rumours network and digitise the intervention. After the declaration of the state of alarm, a participatory process of consultation with the network was initiated. The objective was to gather needs, concerns and questions from the members of the network in order to adapt their participation in the project given the current emergency situation.

Areas of intervention:

  1. Dynamisation of the network: In order to maintain the dynamics of the initiative and encourage active online participation during the confinement period, the Council maintains monthly meetings through the platform Zoom. The objectives of these monthly meetings are:
    -  Reflection: addressing and responding to conversations spreading rumours online.
    -  Action: collectively investigate, devise and design impact and awareness actions that can be developped collectively.
    -  Information: raise awareness about the activities that will be developed in the coming months within the framework of the AR network and other initiatives linked to intercultural coexistence.
  2. Training: Taking into account the training proposals launched from the network, the first 2020 seminar has been held online on "Rumors, Hoaxes and Social Networks" by MALDITA.ES. It focused on the control of disinformation and public discourse through fact-checking techniques and data journalism.
  3. ONLINE actions:
    - An AR version of the Memory Game has been designed;
    - With the contributions of the AR agents, a video compilation has been designed aiming to collect a common narrative on the changes we want for the near future, answering the following question: "What society do we want after the state of alarm from and AR perspective?"
    - Planned: a virtual anti-Rumor Exhibition, through the web It will enable visiting different "galleries" made up of images and videos, offering the possibility of a guided tour as well as 3D virtual reality.
    - Anti-Rumour Podcast.
    - Articles and on-line interviews to the Network

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