1st gathering of Spanish Anti-rumours cities

Barcelona, Spain 22 June 2017
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1st gathering of Spanish Anti-rumours cities

On 22 June the RECI, Anti-Rumours Global, and the Barcelona City Council –within the framework of the Intercultural cities programme- will organise in Barcelona the first gathering of Spanish Anti-rumours cities  22 in Barcelona, ​​with the aim of sharing and discussing the challenges, the achievements, the good and bad practices, and the future plans for the implementation of the Anti-rumours methodology.

Among the key issues, participants will also address the setting-up and management of anti-rumours networks, the sustainability of the methodology and the training format for anti-rumours agents

The meeting is open to a few non-Spanish ICC cities that have also implemented the anti-rumours methodology in the past.

The outputs of the gathering will further feed the work on the Anti-rumour Manual that the ICC programme will launch next October to provide member cities and other stakeholder a common framework and tools for the implementation of a Council of Europe officially recognised Anti-rumours strategy. The manual will also include a structure and basic content needed to guarantee a homogeneous and validated antirumours training programme, an evaluation/assessment guide, as well as a set of examples of best and innovative practices, chosen after the mapping of the anti-rumours projects run so far. The Manual will be completed with supporting reference materials such as reading lists and the contacts of a few reference experts that could provide information and support to cities.

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