Vice-President in charge of Equality

At its meeting on 25 January 2018, the Conference of INGOs elected Anne Nègre, University Women of Europe, to the post of Vice-President in charge of  Equality for a three year term.

The Vice-President in charge of Equality has a mandate to ensure that issues of gender equality are addressed in a cross-cutting manner by the Conference of INGOs and its committees.

The Conference of INGOs must comply with the Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023, launched in May 2018 in Copenhagen, and the numerous recommendations adopted by the Committee of Ministers on equality. In this context, the Standing Committee decided at its meeting on 23 April 2018 to set up a Task Force to provide input into the work of all the component entities of the Conference of INGOs on this cross-sectoral issue. The Task Force will facilitate the drafting of reasoned common positions which will include forward-looking analysis of integration trends and enable the Conference of INGOs to respond appropriately whenever necessary, while ensuring that its members’ knowledge and expertise are pooled effectively.

Terms of reference of the task force


Anne Nègre

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