PDF version of the draft agenda



Tuesday, 26 January 2016 (9.30 am – 1 pm)

Strasbourg, Agora – Room G.04


1. Opening of the meeting by Anna Rurka, President of the Conference of INGOs

2. Agenda: for adoption

3. Preparation of the meeting of the Conference of INGOs on 29 January:

  • Activity report 2015
  • Texts for adoption
    •  Communication charter of the Conference of INGOs
    •  Road map on the youth dimension of the Conference of INGOs
  • Exchanges of views with the Secretary General and the Permanent Representatives

4. Main points of the revision of the rules of procedure of the Conference of INGOs

5. Information on the revision of Resolution (2003)8 on participatory status

6. Participation in intergovernmental committees: thematic priorities and nomination of representatives

7. Nomination of Marie-José Schmitt as the contact person for the European Social Charter and disbanding of the Working Group on the Social Charter

8. INGO Service : Information on the budget of INGO service, the contribution of the Council of Europe and the rules for reimbursement

9. New initiatives of the Conference of INGOs

  • Speed dating
  • Living Together cafe
  • Slogan

10. Round tables and events to be organised in connection with the June session of the Parliamentary Assembly

11. Freedom of association, assembly and expression in the lime light:

  • International conference on the political activities of NGOs, their access to funding and their effective participation in the political decision-making process
  • Work of the Expert Council on NGO Law
  • Preparation of Guidelines to ensure meaningful civil participation in political decision making by the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG)
  • Need for a dialogue platform for protecting civic space?

12. Co-operation of the Committees and the Gender Expert on the transversal issues

  • Migration
  • Eradication of poverty and social cohesion
  • Youth

13. Granting participatory status: opinion of the Standing Committee

14. Any other business