• 30 November
    Strasbourg, France
    Exchange of views Ministers' Deputies (speech)
  • 24-26 November
    Berlin, Germany
    Fact finding visit on migrants (report)


  • 17 October
    Strasbourg, France
    International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Programme) 
  • 11-12 October
    Strasbourg, France
    Meeting of the Expert Council on NGO Law
  • 10 October
    Strasbourg, France
    Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Conference of INGOs (list of decisions)


  • 9 September
    Paris, France
    Meeting of the Bureau of the Conference of INGOs

JUNE 2016

  • 28 June
    Strasbourg, France
    Debriefing of the June session to the Rapporteur
    Group on Democracy of the Committee of Ministers (GR-DEM) (speech)
  • 20-24 June
    Strasbourg, France
    Session of the Conference of INGOs
    - Debate on migrants, refugees and NGOs defending their rights (programme)
    - Side-event ‘Are religions a place of emancipation for women? Progress and setbacks’ (programme)
    - Side-event ‘Ageing and Health: A challenge to public health and social cohesion – A strong need for common actions (programme)
    - Intergenerational Forum/speed dating ‘Focus on Youth’ (programme)
    - Texts adopted
  • 7-8 June
    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Framework co-operation programme – Meeting of the regional working group
  • 6-7 June
    Strasbourg, France
    Debate ‘Only a matter for politicians ? Civil society, money and political activities’ 
    organised by the Conference of INGOs (event)

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