8 November 2016 - 09.00-18.00

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The goal of the Pop-Up Agora is to reimagine public space as an arena for democratic debate and decision-making. The World Forum for Democracy Pop-Up Agora consists of two parts:

1) The movable Agora tent offers a unique gathering space for speeches and debate in an informal setting. The tent can be used in many different situations and environments for assemblies and debate in order to generate innovative solutions for pressing social and political issues.

2) Secondly, the Pop-Up Agora comprises the workshop "Pop-up construction". The workshop is led by architects, artists, and specialists of the public space and democratic debate to model the architectural hypothesis of an agora, open to conversation and public debate.

The sessions will be broadcasted during a radio show: Radio En Construction and L'Ososphère present popupagora.radio, exploring the questions of "My democracy on the City scale", "My democracy in the public area" and "My democracy in 180 seconds". Radio En Construction is a cultural, urban and curious radio station based in Strasbourg.

Presentations in the pop-up agora tent Presentations in the pop-up agora tent

eParticipation: how to make it happen? €? #OPIN

How does eParticipation in practice look like? What needs to be taken into account for making it successful? How to make eParticipation work in my municipality or country? Not only these questions will be answered but you will have the chance to prepare your eParticipation project and to know how the project “EUth - Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe” could support you and finance your idea! More information here: www.euth.net

Presenter: Mr Evaldas RUPKUS, Germany, Project Manager for Marketing & Deployment, “EUth - Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe”


Open Space


For an inclusive Europe: learning to live together better with our different beliefs, INGO Conference of the Council of Europe

This is the aim of the courses, currently taking place in several countries in Europe for 3 years. In Europe today, where the attacks, hate speech, the rise of populism threatens the future of our continent, is it still possible to promote intercultural dialogue for sustainable development of democratic societies?

Presenters :

  • Mr Michael AGUILAR, France, President of the Human Rights Commission, Conference of INGOs, Council of Europe, Chairman of G3i, Intercultural group, International, interconvictional
  • Ms Lilia BENSEDRINE-THABET, France-Tunisia, Lawyer, scholar and specialist in intercultural issues
  • Ms Roseline MOREAU, France, Vice-President of the Commission for Education and Culture, Conference of INGOs, President of GERFEC: European Group for Research and Training of teachers holding Christian and other beliefs and convictions

Open Space


Citizenship Education: Finding Inspiration in Youth Organisations

Presenter: Mr Manuel GONÇALVES GIL, European Youth Forum, Policy Officer Education and Youth Work


Findings and recommendations of the Satellite Event “Young People & Democracy: New Challenges of Democratic Functioning - What is at stake?”, Brussels, Belgium  

Presenters: Mr Roman DIGNEUX, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Ms Loredana LONGHIN, Université Libre de Bruxelles


DIV-IN, Makers for Change

The project is aiming to break stereotypes about migration in Europe and promote diversity as an asset for the whole society through a digital platform and collaborative actions in the field.

Presenter: Ms Eleonora ZBANKE, Storyteller and film-maker, & Cédric Bischetti, Founder of “Makers for Change”


Next-generation participative futures-building techniques: liberating the virtual commons to design the future together

Presenter: Mr Alun RHYDDERCH, United Kingdom, Co-founder of School of International Futures


Solving hard problems in groups, Civocracy

From increasing biodiversity to collaboratively drafting economic policy and solving dog poo issues; learn how cities are successfully engaging and directing their communities for actionable, comprehensive outcomes. Presenting a problem-solving and stakeholder involvement framework. 

Presenter: Mr Ben SNOW, Co-founder and CEO of Civocracy


Open workshop Open workshop

Pop Up Construction

Palais de l'Europe - Room 14 - Interpretation: EN/FR

The workshop is led by architects, artists, and specialists of the public space and democratic debate. This time dedicated to a collective experiment, it aims to model the architectural hypothesis of an agora, open to conversation and public debate. You have a singular and committed approach of democratic issues: come and share your expertise, experience and insights, for an hour or more. Your contributions will allow a first modelling of a “Pop Up Agora” through an artistic performance at 4 pm by Des châteaux en l'air company.  This day of common experiment will also enrich the work of L'Ososphère, who will continue until April 2017 to create this "Pop Up Agora" in Strasbourg's public space.

This program is connected with Radio En Construction and the Éditions de L'Ososphère who will present an all-day program around the statement "My democracy in 180 seconds." You are welcome to participate in this program in the light of your commitments, expertise and actions.

Credits: Workshop, performance and radiophonic program are the results of a collaboration between L'Ososphère, Radio En Construction and the World Forum for Democracy.

Workshop coordinator: Mr Guillaume CHRISTMANN, Architect

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