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The labs, which are the heart of the World Forum for Democracy, must this year help us understand how democracy and democratic institutions and practices can help combat disinformation and fake news, and how artificial intelligence and new technologies can become an enabler of democracy. These...

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3rd Children's Forum “Children, actors of Citizenship”

21 May 2019 Strasbourg, France

In the Framework of the World Forum for Democracy, the Directorate General of Democracy organised the third edition of the Children's Forum “Children, actors of Citizenship” in co-operation with the Association Themis. On 21 May, in the Hemicycle of the Council of Europe, 650 pupils aged 8-10...

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What is a Satellite event?

10 May 2019 Strasbourg, France

Since its first edition in 2012, the World Forum for Democracy has gained recognition as an arena for seminal discussions on issues of modern democracy. To reach out to a wider range of contributions and enrich the debate, the Forum encourages the organisation of satellite events by universities...

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World Forum for Democracy 2019: Concept note

17 April 2019 Strasbourg, France

Information is changing. The volume, the content, the platforms: each of these has evolved beyond recognition in a short period of time. This evolution continues. Twenty-five years ago, most of our information came from print publications, television and radio. Today, these are complemented,...

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Democracy Innovation Award 2018: and the winner is...

21 November 2018 Strasbourg, France

Today, at the closing session of the World Forum for Democracy, the Council of Europe announced that the winner of its Democracy Innovation Award was the initiative Self-Representation of Women in Kenyan Courts. Three initiatives out of the 30 or so presented at the Forum were shortlisted for the...

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World Forum for Democracy 2018: Storytelling

20 November 2018 - 16.45-18.30 Council of Europe Hemicycle

Two stories were told at this session. One story falls under the theme of “Women's professional leadership in a religious setting” and the other under the theme of “discrimination and violence.” It is impossible to describe who the story-tellers are in a nutshell as it is only through the...

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World Forum for Democracy: Programme of the 2nd day

Thirteen “lab” sessions, which will address the challenges from different angles and present some measures which have already been implemented, will help to identify a democratic response to the issues raised throughout the Forum. Various roundtables will also take place on: Artificial...

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Dolores Delgado: gender violence is the most extreme form of inequality

“In Spain, we have a feminist government, which is committed to combating violence. When one woman goes into politics, her life changes, but when many women go into politics, politics changes. As a result, the Spanish government has made gender equality one of its goals”, said the Spanish...

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Marlène Schiappa: gender equality, a priority for the French Chairmanship of the Council of Europe in 2019

The French Minister of State for gender equality has announced that practical measures will be taken during the French Chairmanship to promote the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (better known as the “Istanbul Convention”)....

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