Democracy Innovation Award 2021: and the winner is...

10 November 2021

Today, at the closing session of the World Forum for Democracy, the Council of Europe announced that the winner of its Democracy Innovation Award is the initiative "A Green Blue Deal for the Middle East". Three initiatives out of the 30 or so presented at the Forum were shortlisted for the final...

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Labs and Forum talks 2021

9 November 2021 Strasbourg, France

Today, ten labs, designed to address the challenges in different forms and to present some of the measures already being taken, will help to provide a democratic response to the problems raised throughout the Forum. In parallel, Forum Talks are organised including on Human rights for climate,...

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Cycling for Democracy: 13th episode - BACKSTAGE of the Forum

9 November 2021

Visit the Council of Europe with Lana and Nicolas. Learn more about the history of the World Forum for Democracy, its aims and meet the team who works at the backstage of the event.

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Session 3 soundbites: Public or private: what role for which sector?

8 November 2021 - 16.30-18.30 strasbourg, France

Plenary Session 3 starts with a video message from HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco: "Our common goal should be to involve companies, investors, governments and individuals in a coordinated approach to environmental protection.” Mikhail Galperin, Deputy CEO, Head of Legal Affairs of Inter RAO,...

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Session 2 soundbites: What governing style is best placed to tackle the environmental challenge?

8 November 2021 - 14.00-16.00 Strasbourg, France

Starting the Plenary Session 2 with a video message from Abdulla Shahid, President of the UNGA, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives: "Openness, transparency, participation and inclusion are the key ingredients to building the accountability and trust necessary for the functioning of...

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