Webinar: Public Administration as a green leader

23 September 2021 (16h00-17h00) Online

The 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report concluded that climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying. The report also highlighted the urgency of taking decisive steps towards the transition to a low carbon economy in order to be able to tackle and mitigate the...

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Call for Participants: International launch of the Council of Europe HELP course on The Environment and Human Rights

The Council of Europe Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) announces a call for participants for its new tutored 8-week online course on The Environment and Human Rights. Course Format The course will be launched on 13 October 2021 with an online launch event for...

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Celebrate the International Day of Democracy with the World Forum for Democracy

15 September 2021 Strasbourg, france

Since 2012, thousands of activists, politicians and academics come together at the World Forum for Democracy to share experiences and discuss about democratic innovations at grassroots level. Democracy Day is every day! Check out our past events Check the "12 Months, 1 Question" campaign

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Parliamentarians debate a series of far-reaching proposals to ‘anchor’ the right to a healthy environment

29 September 2021

A series of seven reports for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) are demanding a paradigm shift in international and national law, as well as government policies, to ensure that a healthy environment is recognised as a basic human right. In an unprecedented all-day debate...

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Greening democratic institutions

Campaign "12 Months, 1 Question": September 2021

Saving the planet from climate catastrophe demands not only urgent action, but also sustainable solutions. Can democracy take over the task of providing fast, collective and long lasting solutions to the climate crisis? In the recent years we can observe not only that citizens across the globe...

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Technology, the environment and democracy

Campaign "12 Months, 1 Question": August 2021

Environmental challenges are raising a range of questions about the intersections between climate change, the uses and application of innovative technology and the ability of democracies to respond to these emergencies. Innovative climate technology can help implement countries' ecological...

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Forum Talk: Technology, the Global Environmental Challenge, and Democracy

11 August 2021, 4.30 to 6 PM CEST online

The Forum Talk on Wednesday, 11 August, 4.30 to 6 PM CEST will bring together CEOs, researchers and policy experts to analyse dimensions of the relationship between global environmental challenges, technology and democracy. This event is organised by the Council of Europe’s World Forum for...

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An introduction to Circular Economy and field perspectives from the Western Balkan region

Forum Talk: Circularity is a Virtue

26 July 2021 (4.30-5.30 p.m. CET) online

The previous 150 years of industrialization have been shaped by a linear economic model depending on the notion of ‘take-make-waste’. This pattern has enhanced heightened dependency on rare resources, resulting in both environmental damage and massive volumes of waste. To respond to these...

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Webinar: Public Private Partnerships for Green City Solutions

20 July 2021 (4.00-5.00 p.m. CET) Online

In the aftermaths of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and the private sector are seeking to ‘build back better’ and ensure a green recovery, in line with international commitments and obligations. At the same time, they face the double challenge of tackling climate change while addressing...

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The environment and the economy

Campaign "12 Months, 1 Question": July 2021

Our current economic model destroys the environment while exacerbating inequalities, triggering resource scarcities, encouraging waste and threatening human health. How should we allocate the financial, technological, human and natural resources we have to save our planet from climate breakdown?...

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