Since 2012, the World Forum for Democracy has been debating solutions to key challenges for democracies worldwide and bringing together political decision-makers and activists in order to contribute to the evolution of more participatory and inclusive democracy.

Forum 2023

Democracy = Peace?

Strasbourg, 6-8 November 2023

At a time when violence rages, inequalities are widening, and politics is polarising - and when governments are struggling to cope with unforeseen events including climate change, pandemics and the rise of new technologies- now is the time to ask: can democracy deliver peace?

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Forum 2022

Democracy: A New Hope ?

Strasbourg, 7-9 November 2022

Thirty years ago, many people believed that the spread of democracy was as inevitable as it was desirable. Those days are now far behind us. Instead, the public and policy-makers have watched as the spread of democracy has slowed and, by some measures, gone into reverse.

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Forum 2021

Can Democracy Save the Environment?
Strasbourg, 8-10 November 2021

"Cycling for Democracy", the web series of the World Forum for Democracy

Never before has it been so crucial to apply the principles of democracy to the environment. Each month touched on a different topic, culminating from 8-10 November 2021 with the classic Forum in Strasbourg.

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 "Cycling for Democracy", web series

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Forum 2019

Is democracy in danger in the information age?
Strasbourg, 6-8 November 2019

The questions addressed in 2019 were to what extent the information is reliable, whether this helps or hinders citizens in taking part in democratic processes, and what lessons to learn for ensuring the free flow of information in the future.

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Forum 2018

Gender Equality : Whose Battle ?
Strasbourg, 19-21 November 2018

Teresa Omondi-Adeitan, Executive Director, Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Kenya

The World Forum for Democracy 2018 was dedicated to gender equality and women’s rights. We focused in particular on women’s public, political and economic participation and on combating violence against women in the wake of #MeToo. 

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Forum 2017

Is Populism a problem?
Strasbourg, 8-10 November 2017

Thorbjørn Jagland and Roman Dobrokhotov, Editor-in-chief of The Insider, Russian Federation

Politicians, journalists and international leaders provided their views on the question of populism and its impact on traditional party and media structures as well as on multilateralism.

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Forum 2016

Democracy & equality : does education matter ?
Strasbourg, 7-9 November 2016

Opening Session of the WFD 2016 - Soweto Gospel Choir

The 2016 World Forum for Democracy focused on the relationship between education and democracy. It examined whether they can reinforce each other and together address the risks of new social divides. In particular, the forum explored how education and democracy can nurture active citizens with critical and analytical skills, and how through fostering grassroots innovation and bottom-up democratic reform, it can help develop civic engagement and improve opportunities for all.

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forum 2015

Freedom vs control: For a democratic response
Strasbourg, 18-20 November 2015

How can individual freedoms and the right to safety be reconciled? This question – intrinsic to any democratic system – challenges democracies around the world. Today, more than ever, they need to confront the direct threats of violent extremism and terror, and others, more subtle, such as online hate speech and cybercrime. New technologies also hold the key to some of the answers. It is essential to remain alert and with the right balance between freedom and prevention of risks.

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Forum 2014

From participation to influence: can youth revitalise democracy?
Strasbourg, 3-5 November 2014

Jeremy Rifkin, President of the Foundation on Economic Trends

How can we draw on young people’s energy to revitalise democratic institutions and processes? In the digital age, what tools, apart from voting, can we put in place to encourage youth participation and to enhance democratic vitality? 

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Forum 2013

Re-wiring Democracy: connecting institutions and citizens in the digital age
Strasbourg, 23-29 November 2013

AV-Exciters at the Closing session of the WFD 2013

Social networks, blogs, and online media offer citizens an access to public life which has never before been so direct. Is the internet revolutionising our democratic practices?

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forum 2012

Bridging the gap: democracy between old models and new realities
Strasbourg 5-11 October 2012

Hemicycle of the Council of Europe during the World Forum for Democracy

Democracy must adapt to the realities of the 21st century which sees the citizens requesting greater participation in public decision-making, an aspiration heightened by the emergence of the new information technologies and the social networks...

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