As decided by Eurimages’ Board of Management at its 156th meeting (October 2019), the Distribution Support Programme in its current form will end on 31 March 2020 (i.e. at the end of the cycle which started in June 2019).

As a result, distributors will no longer be able to submit a pre-selection application in April 2020 and Eurimages will no longer contribute to the marketing and advertising costs of films distributed from January 2020 onwards.

Eurimages will soon launch an independent study on the relevance of distribution support, open to all member countries of the Fund and intended exclusively for projects supported by Eurimages as part of co-production support.


 Support for "marketing and publicity costs" for eligible films destined for distributors selected by Eurimages.

Distributors will be deemed eligible according to their profile, experience, and catalogue of eligible films. They must provide proof of a theatrical distribution strategy adapted to their country’s situation and have co-operation agreements with local exhibitors, preferably those members of the Eurimages cinema network.


 How to submit an application?

Applications must be submitted at the latest by 6pm on the deadline corresponding to each call for projects.

Applications for the pre-selection of distributors may only be made once a year, for the deadline corresponding to the second call for projects. 


 Request for payment of support*

There are 3 deadlines each year for submitting requests for payment  to be taken into consideration for the subsequent meetings of the Board of Management. 

*All documents, including those listed 1 to 4 in the application for payment form - B must be submitted by email or file sharing services to

For the requested documents, please use the following reference system:
19-XXX _Film title in English_application form
19-XXX _Film title in English_acquisition agreement
19-XXX_Film title in English_theatrical release
19-XXX_Film title in English_paid invoices