The new distribution support system came into force in April 2013. 

Initially this programme was divided into two schemes:

  • Scheme I - Support for "marketing and publicity costs" for eligible films destined for distributors selected by Eurimages. This scheme I was designed to support the distribution of European films and to enhance the image of European cinema and increase audiences.
  • Scheme II - Support for “measures for fostering awareness of European Cinema” aimed at supporting innovative projects which would reinforce the image of European cinema, develop the general public’s knowledge about European cinema and increase audiences.
  • Scheme I is still running and Scheme II closed down on 31 December 2015.

The funding history listed on this page corresponds to the decisions taken by the Board of Management during its plenary meetings. This list does not take into consideration possible total or partial cancellations of certain amounts awarded in the cases provided for in the regulations of the relevant support programme.

 Distribution support since 2013

 Distribution support before 2011

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