This domain concerns digital citizen’s awareness and understanding of their rights and responsibilities in the online world. As citizens enjoy rights and responsibilities in the physical world, digital citizens in the online world also have certain rights and responsibilities. 

Digital citizens can enjoy the rights of privacy, security, access and inclusion, freedom of expression and more. However, with those rights come certain responsibilities, such as ethics and empathy and other responsibilities to guarantee a safe and responsible digital environment for all.

The ultimate goal of rights and responsibilities is to ensure a just and fair digital society.  Although an internet police force does not exist, in some forums the online community will identify when citizens are not acting responsibly or are infringing the rights of others.  Mobile phones and the ubiquity of the internet give digital citizens almost unlimited access to an environment which may pose challenges to ethical and safe experiences online.

Digital spaces have become, and will undoubtedly continue to be complex environments, especially in terms of the rights and responsibilities of their users. This complexity underscores the need for digital citizens to be aware of and properly understand their own online rights and responsibilities and those of others.