On September 29, at the 26th session of the Council of Europe Standing Conference of Ministers of Education, the Ministers of Education declared 2025 as the European Year of Digital Citizenship Education


The European Year of Digital Citizenship Education (DCE) will provide a platform for member states to set common goals, exchange sense-making practices, measure achievements and define together a road map for the future. It will concert the efforts of stakeholders to create initiatives to make learners more aware of the changes that digital technology is bringing to the world, to see more clearly the positives of the online environments they choose to move in, and improve their knowledge and skills to avoid the downsides. Moreover, it will highlight ways and advantages of participating in a culture of democracy and the importance of living peacefully together with others in culturally diverse democratic societies.

The objectives of the European Year shall be:

  • Awareness Raising: Enhance understanding of digital citizenship and its importance in a democratic society

  • Mainstreaming DCE in education and training: Promote the integration of digital citizenship in formal and non-formal education

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Involve diverse stakeholders in promoting DCE (grant scheme and private sector

  • International collaboration: Facilitate exchange and collaboration, for example via sharing sense-making practices.

The European Year will encourage member states to analyse their needs to create targeted campaigns on a national scale, with support and guidance from the Council of Europe and other major institutions.
Key stakeholders in public, private and civil sectors will work collaboratively towards common goals.

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