Promoting a positive video game culture means generating pedagogical reflection around video games: thinking about it as a cultural tool able to foster many facets, not only hedonism but also cognition, learning and development of a person. It also means considering video games worthy of study and accurate and careful analysis of its characteristics, mechanics, and languages.

The Council of Europe considers Digital Citizenship Education a key element to nurture a positive, inclusive and effective video game culture for tomorrow’s citizens. The more aware future generations are of the economic models, structures, languages, risks and opportunities within video games, the more it will be possible to build a society that is open and ready to recognise the beauty of this medium, and benefit from it, build better games, and minimise the dangers that video games, as well as other media, inevitably have.


It is the Council of Europe’s intention to carry on actions to promote, within the framework of Digital Citizenship Education, Video Game Culture (VGC) initiatives over the next years.

The working method that that is driving the initiative is based on a participatory approach: this is the reason why a VGC-WG has been established.

The group contributes to building and empowering a network of professionals that deal with video games and provides contacts of potential speakers, guests to invite, and experts to involve in DCE initiatives.


The objectives of the DCE’s Video Game Culture for the next years are:

  • raise awareness about the necessity to promote a VGC among different levels and different targets (e.g.: educators, youngsters, media, game developers)
  • identify a series of an area of interest related to Video Game Culture and Digital Citizenship Education
  • build a stronger video game culture network composed by the most relevant stakeholders in Europe
  • implement a series of initiatives, publications and materials dedicated to Video Game Culture and to Digital Citizenship Education.

Video Game Culture and Creativity's panel at ArtsIT 2022 conference

The VGC- Working Group was present at the ArtsIT conference in Faro, on November 22, 2022 to discuss about Video Game Culture and Creativity. Find more information here.



EduTalks@Council of Europe: Discover the pedagogical potential of video games for developing digital citizenship


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