2022 Edition of the Digital citizenship education handbook

23 May 2022 Strasbourg, France

The Digital citizenship education handbook has been updated with new references to relevant resources and made printer friendly. The handbook is intended for teachers and parents, education decision makers and platform providers alike. It describes in depth the multiple dimensions that make up...

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“In war, truth is first casualty”

14 March 2022

In times of war and conflict, disinformation is often the first weapon to be deployed. Constant exposure to disinformation can leave us confused, uncertain about who or what to believe or trust. Uncertainty leads to inaction and compels us to stand aloof at a time when the world most needs our...

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[email protected] of Europe: Discover the pedagogical potential of video games for developing digital citizenship


Children, teenagers and young people live in a world profoundly influenced by technology and digital media. It has now become nearly impossible to avoid using mobile phones, tablets, laptops, console games and other technologies, whether for educational or entertainment purposes. Video games are...

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New publication: “Educating for a video game culture – A map for teachers and parents”


Children, teenagers and young people today live in a world profoundly influenced by technology and digital media. It has become almost impossible not to come into contact with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, console games and other forms of technology, whether for educational or entertainment...

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“The Key to Recognising Cyberbullying”: a 2-hour online self-learning course now available


What is cyberbullying and how can you identify it? With this new short 2-hour course, you will be able to recognise cyberbullying and learn more about its impact on learners’ health and wellbeing. The course will also help you define strategies, as educators and parents, to deal effectively with...

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Recommendation on developing and promoting digital citizenship education

26/11/2019 Strasbourg

Recommendation on developing and promoting digital citizenship education The Committee of Ministers has adopted a set of guidelines to its 47 member States asking them to develop and promote digital citizenship education and make it a priority for policy makers. According to the Recommendation,...

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Digital Cititzenship Education Handbook

Being a Child in the Age of Technology

March 2019

Children today live in a rapidly changing world with expanding horizons. Technology has brought not only new experiences for them to enjoy, but a whole new dimension to their daily life in an ethereal world that we know as “being online”. Children and young people, therefore, should have the...

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Working Conference

The Education Policy Division of the Council of Europe is organising a working conference on 21-22 September 2017 in Strasbourg. The conference will bring around 70 participants including education policy makers, school administrators and teachers, representatives of civil society organisations...

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Digital Citizenship Education

10 Domains

06/02/2018 Strasbourg

A leaflet explaining 10 digital citizenship domains.

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Digital Citizenship Education: Overview and New Perspectives

The Council of Europe’s report “Overview and New Perspectives” presents definitions, actors and stakeholders, competence frameworks, practices, emerging trends and challenges primarily in the field of Digital Citizenship Education and within the context of the member states of the Council of...

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Digital Citizenship Education: Multi-stakeholder consultation report

The “Multi-stakeholder consultation report” looks at the place of digital citizenship competence development in education, the types of online resources and contemporary information technologies being used in educational settings, and maps the administrative and legal responsibilities for school...

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Bullying: Perspectives, Practices and Insights

Bullying seems to be part of human nature and has been with us since ancient times, but that is a no reason to accept it fatalistically as “natural” and, for children, part of growing up. The Council of Europe’s book “Bullying: Perspectives, Practices and Insights” aims to explain both experts...

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