This domain concerns the willingness to learn and the attitude towards learning through digital environments throughout life, and the capacity to develop and express different forms of creativity with different tools in different contexts.


It covers competences of personal and professional development in order to prepare to be aware of and face the challenges of society with self-efficacy and in an innovative way.

The internet has opened up vast opportunities for citizens of all ages to learn at every stage of their life. However, it has also made lifelong learning essential if they are to keep up with the rapid evolutions in the world around them. Informative websites, email exchanges, chat rooms, video-conferences and distance learning via webinars and MOOCs (massive online open courses) that combine two or more of these tools all enable citizens to cross social and physical barriers and have their voice heard more easily than ever before.

One of the big challenges is, nevertheless, fostering creativity in a world where entertainment and culture are available 24/7 at the simple click of a mouse or swipe of a screen. Creativity and meaningful artistic expression have always been important drivers of learning and social progress, yet today it is estimated that 99% of us are mainly consumers whilst just 1% are creators. Ownership of creative works is another challenge in today’s society – are artists, writers and song-writers able to continue their work if they are unable to make a living from their creations when copying has become so easy and widespread?