European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse

18 November 2022 Strasbourg, France

Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children can happen at home, in school, during extra curricula activities, on the streets, over the phone, through a webcam or online in general. In most cases (70 to 85%) it is inflicted by someone the child knows, in their circle of trust, and causes...

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Octopus Project and GLACY+: Workshop on countering online child sexual exploitation and abuse, Mauritius

25-26 October 2022 Mauritius

The increasing use by children of information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as social media, mobile messaging applications and online games, has created new opportunities for sexual offenders to target and harm children. The physical and psychological impact on victims of these...

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European Commission: Regulation Proposal on Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

May 2022 Brussels, Belgium

In May 2022, the European Commission proposed a new regulation to prevent and combat online child sexual abuse. The new rules establish the creation of a new independent EU Centre on Child Sexual Abuse (EU Centre), clear obligations for service providers to detect, report, remove and block access...

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Automated Detection of Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. Findings and recommendations

25 June 2021 Strasbourg, France

The scale of online child sexual exploitation and abuse is increasing at an alarming rate. To date, the response to this challenge consists also of voluntary actions involving the use of automated detection technologies by private sector actors to detect, report and remove child sexual abuse...

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