Andorra - Member of the European Cyberjustice Network (ECN)

Enric Casadevall Medrano
President of the Highel Council of Justice 

Austria - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Thomas Gottwald  
Austrian federal Ministry of Justice       

Martin Schneider
Austrian federal Ministry of Justice       

 thomas.gottwald [at] / martin.schneider [at]

Azerbaijan - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Sabina Farzaliyev 
 sabinafarzaliyeva.piu [at]    

Belgium - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Bernard Daminet
General Advisor, ICT Management Service, FPS Justice
Geneviève Vanderstichele
Judge at the Gand Court of Appeal
Stéphanie Vanthienen
Deputy Public Prosecutor of Brussels, and reference magistrate for issues related to the computerisation of the justice system
 g.vanderstichele [at] / Bernard.Daminet [at] / stephanie.vanthienen [at]

Bosnia and Herzegovina - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Kenan Softić
Head of ICT department at the High Judicial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Mahmut Švraka
Chief prosecutor at the entity supreme court level 
Edin Bičo
Second instance court judge 
 kenan.softic [at] / mahmut.svraka [at] / edin.bico [at]

Bulgaria - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Ekaterina Todorova
State Expert, International Legal Co-operation and European Affairs Directorate
 e.todorova [at]    

Croatia - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Barbara Mašić
Ministry of Justice and Public Administration    
Mario Klačmer
Municipal Court Varaždin (pilot court)
Vlaho Hrdalo 
Croatian Bar Association

  barbara.masic [at] / mario.klacmer [at] / [email protected]    

Cyprus - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Lena Demetriades
Supreme Court Judge    
 lena-law [at]    

Czech Republic - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Mr Přemysl Sezemský
Head of Dept. Of Computerization of Justice of the Ministry of Justice
 PSezemsky [at]    

Estonia - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Mr Rauno Kiris
State Prosecutor, Internal Control Department, Office of the Prosecutor General
Mr Merit Kõlvart 
Advisor, Courts Division, Ministry of Justice
 Rauno.kiris [at] / Merit.kolvart [at] 

Finland - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Noora Aarnio
Senior Specialist, National Courts Administration 
Kaisa Puro
Senior Specialist, National Courts Administration                
 [email protected] / [email protected]

France - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Ms Aude GROUALLE    
In charge of the digital transition at the Directorate of Criminal Affairs and Pardons (DACG) of the Ministry of Justice    
M. Philippe BARON    
President of the Digital Commission of the National Bar Council (CNB)         
 Aude.Groualle [at] / philippe.baron [at]        

Georgia - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Judge, Supreme Court of Georgia
Member of the High Council of Justice            

Germany - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Dr. Katharina von Rosenstiel 
German federal Ministry of justice
 rosenstiel-ka [at]

Greece - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Ms Maria Toula    
Head of the eGovernment Direction, Ministry of Justice                
 mtoula [at]

Hungary - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Dr. Veronika ANTAL    
delegate judge at the Office National for Judiciary             
Dr. Zoltán SZATHMÁRY    
Prosecutor at the Office of the Prosecutor General                
 AntalVeronika [at] / Zoltan.Szathmary [at]

Iceland - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Edda Laufey Laxdal    
Legal adviser, Judicial Administration of Iceland                 
Íris Elma Guðmann    
Project manager, Judicial Administration of Iceland                 

Ireland - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Rob ROGERS    
Courts Service, ICT                 
Helen Thornton     
Courts Service, ICT                 
 RobertRogers [at] / helenthornton [at] 

Italy - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Benedetta GALGANI    
Professor, University of Pisa                
Rosario AMMENDOLIA    

Directorate General For Automated Information Systems            
Andrea SIMONCINI    
Professor, University of Studies of Florence                
 benedetta.galgani [at] / rosario.ammendolia [at] / andrea.simoncini [at]

Latvia - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Voldemars Kizino    
Head of IT Division, Information Systems and Technology Department of the Court Administration of Latvia    
Agnija Karlsone-Djomkina    
Head of Division for International cooperation and analytics                 
 Voldemars.Kizino [at] ta / Agnija.Karlsone-Djomkina [at]

Lithuania - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Marius Bartninkas  
Kaunas regional court, Head of Civil division            
Aurimas Brazdeikis    
Klaipeda regional court, Head of Civil division                
 marius.bartninkas [at] / aurimas.brazdeikis [at]

Luxembourg - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Marc SCHILTZ    
Advocate General at the Luxembourg Public Prosecutor's Office          
Jim POLFER    
First Substitute at the District Prosecutor's Office of Luxembourg        
 marc.schiltz [at] / jim.polfer [at]

Malta - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Francesco Depasquale     
Eunice Grech Fiorini             
CEO Courts Agency    
Darren Spiteri     
IT Manager Courts            
 francesco.depasquale [at] / darren.spiteri [at]

Monaco - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Richard DUBANT    
Adviser to the State Secretary of Justice 
 rdubant [at]

Montenegro - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Dražen Radonjić     
Head of Department for the information system of the judiciary in the Directorate for ICT of the judiciary and data security of the Ministry of Justice, human and minority rights of Montenegro  
Darko Drašković     
Head of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies and Multimedia of the Secretariat of Judicial Council 

North Macedonia - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Irena Shekutkoska - Janakievska    
Secratary in the ICT Council for Judiciary         
Mihajlo Vojtikiv
Civil servant in the IT Sector in the Ministry of Justice                
Marko Krzaloski     
Sdvisor in the Sector of European Integration in the Ministry of justice                
 MihajloVojtikiv [at] / MarkoKrzaloski [at]

Norway - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Ingrid Olsen     
Head of Department for Innovation and Court Development at Norwegian Courts Administration
 Ingrid.Olsen [at]

Poland - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Antoni Batko    
District Court Judge, Chief Specialist in the Department of Administrative Supervision of the Ministry of Justice
Tomasz Iwanowski
Prosecutor, Head of the Cybercrime Unit of the National Prosecutor's Office
Tomasz Kisielewicz
PhD, Engineer, Expert in the Modern Technologies Team of the Ministry of Justice
 Antoni.Batko [at] tomasz.iwanowski [at] / Tomasz.Kisielewicz [at]

Portugal - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Carlos Gandarez    
Head of the Case Simplification and Analysis Unit of the Portuguese Ministry of Justice
 carlos.a.gandarez [at]

Romania - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Adrian-Viorel Diaconu    
Director, Information Technology Department within the Ministry of Justice        
Violeta Belegante
Ministry of Justice, CEPEJ Member            
 adrian.diaconu [at] JUST.RO / vbelegante [at]    

Russian Federation - Members of the European Justice Network (ECN)

Supreme Court
Andrey Sergeevich German
Deputy Head of the Department of Informatisation and Communication, Head of the Division for Videoconferencing and Communications
 german_as [at]

Judicial Department at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Irina Alexandrovna Dobrynina
Head of the Division for Organising the Implementation of New Technologies of the Department of Informatisation
Valentin Valeryevich Dyatlov
Deputy head of the Division of International Legal Cooperation
Pyotr Vadimovich Belyayev
Head of the Division for the Facilitation of the Functional Tasks of the Federal State-funded Institution “Informational Analytical Centre of Facilitation of the System “GAS Pravosudie”

Serbia - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Personal Data Protection Officer, Ministry of Justice
 dusan.kuzmanovic [at]

Slovak Republic - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Martin Maliar    
General director of Civil legislation department, Ministry of Justice                
Juraj Hušek     
General director of ICT department, Ministry of Justice        
 martin.maliar [at] / juraj.husek [at]

Slovenia - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Rado Brezovar    
Secretary General, Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia            
Goran Vejnović    
Local State Prosecutor, assigned to Centre of Expertise and IT at the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Slovenia            
Igor Kolar    
Advisor for Digitisation, Cabinet of the Minister, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia        
 rado.brezovar [at] / igor.kolar [at] 

Spain - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Rafael Rebollo Bello    
Directorate General for Digital Transformation of the Administration of Justice 
Susana de Vicente Mayor    
Directorate General for Digital Transformation of the Administration of Justice        
 rafael.rebollo [at] / susana.devicente [at]

Sweden - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Wielgosz Anna
Legal advisor, Swedish National Courts Administration    
 anna.wielgosz [at] 

Switzerland - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Jacques Bühler    
General Project Manager of the Justitia 4.0 project
Jens Piesbergen    
Programme Manager of the IT Harmonisation Programme in Criminal Justice         
 jacques.buehler [at] / jens.piesbergen [at]

The Netherlands - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Karin Bruinenberg    
Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands    
Rianne Keeler    
Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands
 k.bruinenberg [at] / r.n.keeler [at]

Türkiye - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Osman Nuri HÖMEK     
Directorate General For Information Technologies    
Necati ÖZGEN                                                                
Abdulhamit MABOÇOĞLU                                         1     
 onhomek [at] / necati.ozgen [at] / abdulhamit.mabocoglu [at]

Ukraine - Members of the European Cyberjustice Network (ECN)

Oleksandr Chykin
Head of the Department of informatization and judicial statistics of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine
Oleksandr Bystrushkin
Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine
 chykin [at] / bystrushkinoo [at]

United Kingdom - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Jay BANGLE    
Chief Technology Officer, Ministry of Justice     
Claire JUKES    
Senior Service Manager & Deputy Service Owner, HMCTS Development Directorate                 
Christopher OWENS
Ministry of Justice – Head of Open Justice Policy                

Observers Observers

Japan - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Yoshinori Nishioka
Director (Judge), Digital Transformation Office, General Secretariat, Supreme Court of Japan                
Kota Kuroki
Professor (Attorney), International Cooperation Department, Research and Training Institute, Ministry of Justice of Japan            
Hikaru Iwaki
Consul (Attorney), Consulate-General of Japan in Strasbourg                
 Nishioka.Yoshinori011 [at] / hikaru.iwaki [at]        

Kazakhstan  - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Nurzhan Moldakov    
Head, Department of digitalization of The Supreme Court of Kazakhstan                    
Olzhas Aitzhan    
Deputy Head, Department of digitalization of The Supreme Court of Kazakhstan                
Aizhan Demeugaliyeva    
Chief consultant, Department of digitalization of The Supreme Court of Kazakhstan                
 707-0222 [at]  / 707-0226 [at] / 707-0249 [at] 

Morocco - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)

Ilyas Ahalli    
Computer engineer at the Directorate for Studies, Cooperation and Modernisation
 ahalli.iliass [at]

AEAJ - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Dagmara Dominik 
vice-president of the administrative court of Wroclaw (Poland)                
Thomas Charpentier    
Judge at the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise (France)                
Stergios Kofinis    
Judge at the administrative court of Thessaloniki (Greece)                
 dagmara.dominik [at] / thomas.charpentier [at] / sterkof [at]

CCBE - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Simone Cuomo    
Secretary general    
Martin Sacleux    
Legal advisor                
 cuomo [at] / sacleux [at] 

ENCJ  - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Jos Smits
Aleksandra Switalska                     
Monique van der Goes 

 jos.smits [at] / office [at]

MEDEL - European Cyberjustice Network member (ECN)   

Vincent Sizaire    
Member of the board of MEDEL
Professor at the Université Paris Nanterre
 vsizaire2 [at]

UIHJ - European Cyberjustice Network members (ECN)

Mathieu Chardon    
1er vice-président                
Patrick Gielen    
Advisor of the president                
Jos Uitdehaag    
 chardon.mathieu [at] / patrickgielen1976 [at] / jos.uitdehaag [at] 

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