After 15 years of existence, the CEPEJ decided to examine the coherence of all the definitions created and appearing in its numerous documents. To this end, the Secretariat of the CEPEJ was entrusted with the task of compiling the definitions used in its activities. An ad hoc group was then set up, composed of a representative of each of the working groups (CEPEJ-GT-EVAL, CEPEJ-GT-QUAL, CEPEJ-SATURN, CEPEJ-GT-MED) and mandated to analyse this compilation, taking care to review the intrinsic coherence while ensuring that there are no contradictions between the definitions. It also ensures the relevance and clarity of these definitions.  This "CEPEJ glossary" has been submitted to the CEPEJ working groups for consultation before its adoption by the CEPEJ at the 33rd plenary meeting, on 5 and 6 December 2020.