Project title: Strengthening the profession of lawyer in line with European standards

Geographical focus: Armenia, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

Project length: 1 July 2019 – 31 December 2021

Beneficiaries /Partners:

Beneficiaries: Self-governing Bar Associations

Partners: Ministries of Justice and other national associations of advocates

The project aim: Strengthened cooperation amongst the Bar associations and law societies of the participating countries, including women lawyers and young lawyers’ associations, with a view to improving the internal functioning and independence of the Bar (including stronger links between the Bar, legal professionals, judiciary and civil society, women lawyers’ and young lawyers’ associations).

The main outcomes are:

  1. A regional cooperation network of lawyers and Bar associations of the countries is set up to strengthen peer-to-peer cooperation amongst the Bar Associations and law societies of the participating states with the aim of contributing to proper administration of justice for the benefit of people in the participating countries.
  2. Internal functioning of the Bar Associations is improved.
  3. Independence and professionalism of lawyers are strengthened.
  4. Lawyers’ provision of legal services is strengthened.

Gender will be mainstreamed in various ways throughout the project.

The project is linked to the priorities of the Eastern Partnership - 20 Deliverables for 2020, with reference to Priority II (Strengthening institutions and good governance) under chapter 10 (Implementation of key judicial reforms).

Relevance for Council of Europe Action Plan and priorities:

Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2016-2019

Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova 2017-2020

Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine 2018-2021

Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2018 -2023

The Council of Europe is implementing this project under the “European Union/Council of Europe Partnership for Good Governance”.