A free online course on human trafficking has been developed by the European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) of the Council of Europe.

The course is designed to equip judges, prosecutors, lawyers, law enforcement officials and other professionals to effectively apply the standards developed under the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings in their daily work. It is built up from a human-rights perspective and focuses on victim protection.

The course consists of nine substantive modules:

  1. Introduction and legal framework
  2. Definitions and legal concepts
  3. Identification of victims 
  4. Assistance for victims of human trafficking
  5. The non-punishment principle  
  6. Investigation, prosecution and victims’ rights
  7. Sentencing
  8. Compensation for victims of trafficking
  9. The right to international protection, return and repatriation of victims of trafficking
  10. Technology and human traffickinig
  11. Trafficking of human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation

These topics are explored by using presentations, interactive screens, knowledge tests and reflective exercises.

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