Account 2014

 Some figures about the Entraide-Solidarity association

Supported projects

Training of first aid rescuer at work

[January 2014] A job seeker based in Strasbourg with financial, social and reintegration problems, wanted to be trained in first aid rescue at work. He saved some money to fund this training and he was even promised employment. Unfortunately, his savings were not sufficient to cover the full cost of the training.

In order to help this ex-prisoner to succeed in his employment, the Entraide-Solidarity association paid the missing amount (750 euros).

Third half

[February 2014] As part of its local activities, the Entraide-Solidarity association funded a trip to a large amusement park for more than 60 youngsters from a disadvantaged neighbourhood. They were between 5-15 years of age and members from the Soccer Club of the Sports Circle of Neudhof.

The grant amounted to 400 euros.

Desks and chairs for students in India

[February 2014] The Entraide-Solidarity association renewed its collaboration with the association Jhamtse Switzerland. The project is to fund 60 tables and chairs to equip four classrooms of a Tibetan orphanage school in Jhamtse Gatsal, located in the northeast of India.

The contribution of the Entraide-Solidarity association amounted to € 2,500.

- Presentation of the project

A toy-lending library for Cameroon

[March 2014] Further to its participation in two projects of the C.I.E.L.O. association to build and equip two toy-lending libraries in Columbia in January 2010, and in Senegal in July 2012, the Entraide-Solidarity association is once again supporting this organisation who is trying to promote the educational benefits of toy-lending libraries in the impoverished area of Douala, Cameroon.

The Entraide-Solidarity association decided to help finance the purchase of the furniture with €800.

Book transport for the games library of Pachacutec, follow-up

[March 2014] In June 2013, the Entraide-Solidarity association contributed to a project of the Altiplano association for a games library in Lima, Pachacutec.

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Sarana Day care centre

[April 2014] The Sarana Day care centre welcomes disadvantaged mentally handicapped children. Set up by the Carelanka Foundation, this centre is based in Sri Lanka.

In order to be able to give these children good hygienic conditions, the Carelanka Foundation needs to ensure that the tiling in the shower basins and in the kitchen are waterproof.

Therefore, the Entraide-Solidarités Association will pay €2,420 towards the cost of the retiling.


A primary school for Myanmar, follow-up

[May 2014] In October 2012, the Entraide-Solidarity association contributed to a project of the the Association Hope 4 the World for a new school in Thar Yar Su in Myanmar.

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15 bags of rice to Madagascar

[June 2014] Alerted by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Providence about the extreme poverty in the region of Fianarantsoa in Madagascar, the Entraide-Solidarity association has decided to donate the sum of €300 for the purchase of 750 kilos of rice.

The voice of destiny

[June 2014] in December 2013, the  Association Entraide-Solidarity had subsidised part of the hospital stay for Makaré, a young Nepalese, who was unable to speak due to a paralysis of the tongue. At her arrival in hospital, the young girl had to be treated urgently for a sever pneumonia contracted during her travel to hospital.

Unfortunately, the surgery which should have allowed her to recover her voice could not be done. The doctors judged the girl too old to have the operation.

The Association Entraide-Solidarity naturally took charge of the hospital bill to treat the pneumonia and paid the sum of €280. Makaré was able to go home but was still unable to speak.

School supplies for the Pachacutec shop

 [July 2014] In June 2013, the Entraide-Solidarity association contributed to a project of the Altiplano association for a games library in Lima, Pachacutec.

This year, the two associations renewed their collaboration to develop new services in the school supplies shop of the Altiplano Association in Lima. The Association Entraide-Solidarités awarded the sum of 260 euros, which amounts to the purchase of computer equipment, of a  guillotine and a binding machine.

- Altiplano report [fr]

24 hospital beds for Chad

[September 2014] The TDDP association (Partnership for Sustainable Development in Chad) has appealed to the Entraide-Solidarity association in order to help to deliver the healthcare beds to Hospital Moussoro in Chad. These beds were donated by the Hospital of Sierentz in the Haut-Rhin/Alsace.

To enable them to complete their project, the Entraide-Solidarity association paid the sum of €1,000 for the transport of these beds.

Pictures sent by TDDP association

End of tesis

[September 2014] As part of its local actions, the Entraide-Solidarity association funded the repatriation of the personal effects of a student. A difficult political context meant the student, who started a thesis in urban planning in Lebanon, was facing great difficulties in completing her research and had to return urgently. Currently hosted by a friend in Alsace, the repatriation of her personal belongings, including her notes for the thesis, will allow her to complete her project and build a better future.

The sum awarded is €900.

A family threatened with eviction

[September 2014] The Strasbourg Social Services asked the Association Entraide-Solidarity to help a family threatened with eviction. The family was living in a flat big enough to welcome the children, for which the father had shared custody. But financial difficulties due to an irregular income plunged the family into debt. With the help of the Social Services, the family promised to move into a smaller flat and to continue to repay its debts on a monthly basis.

To help them in their efforts and to avoid their expulsion, the Association Entraide-Solidarity awarded financial aid of €342.