Non-Governmental Organisations

Composition of the Standing Committee
The Standing Committee of the Conference of INGOs comprises:
- the members of the Bureau of the Conference,
- the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Committees and the Transversal Groups, the Chairs of Expert Councils, and
- in a consultative capacity, the outgoing President of the INGO Conference for three years and the Honorary Presidents of the INGO Conference.

Members of the Standing Committee
Current members of the Standing Committee

Role of the Standing Committee
The Standing Committee is responsible for co-ordination between the Conference of INGOs and its Committees and Transversal Groups, and ensures consistency of the Committees and Transversal Groups’ work and compliance with the major policy lines defined by the Conference. It has a consultative and proposal-making role vis-à-vis the Conference of INGOs and its Bureau.

It promotes participation by the INGOs in the work of the other partners in the Council of Europe Quadrilogue and encourages the INGOs or their Committees and Transversal Groups, to prepare contributions, and ensures that these are sent to the other Council of Europe Quadrilogue partners.

It also encourages the INGOs’ liaison and information bodies to prepare written communications on the Council of Europe’s work and achievements.

The Standing Committee meets during the sessions of the Conference of INGOs which coincide with the sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.  Meeting documents are listed by year below.

Documents :