Non-Governmental Organisations

Civil Society Debate : Inclusive Democracy, Strasbourg, 7 October 2012
Organised by the Conference of INGOs in the framework of the World Forum for Democracy

The aim of narrowing the divide between peoples and leaders demands a paradigm shift, as European societies have developed differently around the shared fundamental value of democracy. While the latter has enabled the best possible progress to be made for women and men, its positive aspects have at the same time been thwarted and undermined, in some cases to the extent of entire population groups being excluded. Inclusive democracy sets out very clearly the principle that no one should be left outside democratic processes. This approach means we must revise the ways we think and the ways we develop things with a view to designing and building inclusive democracy.

A debate on “Inclusive democracy and human rights” preceded two workshops which looked at the concept of democratic inclusion, one from the angle of the media, “Building inclusive democracy through media”; and the other from the angle of women, “Building inclusive democracy with women”.

Reports of the debate

Report of the session on "Inclusive democracy and human rights"
Report of the session on "Building inclusive democracy through media"
Report of the session on "Building inclusive democracy with women"

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