Non-Governmental Organisations

The Bureau of the Conference of INGOs

Composition of the Bureau
The Bureau of the Conference of INGOs is made up of nine members who are delegates from INGOs belonging to the Conference of INGOs and who sit on the Bureau in a personal capacity. The members of the Bureau (with the exception of the President of “INGO-Service” who is automatically a member of the Bureau) are elected by the Conference of INGOs for a standard three-year term, renewable once.

These nine members are:
- the President of the Conference
- three Vice-Presidents
- four Rapporteurs
- the President of “INGO-Service”

Role of the Bureau
The Bureau prepares the agenda for the meetings of the Conference of INGOs and its Standing Committee and implements the decisions taken by these two bodies. It also implements the internal and external communication policy of the Conference of INGOs defined by the Standing Committee.

It ensures that all INGOs enjoying participatory status and interested in the work of the Conference of INGOS are involved in it.

Members of the Bureau
The current members of the Bureau were elected in January 2015 with a 3 year mandate:

  • President of the Conference of INGOs
    Ms Anna RURKA
    European Committee for home-based priority action for the Child and the Family (EUROCEF)
  • Vice-Presidents
    Ms Antonina DASHKINA
    International Federation of Social Workers, Europe (IFSW Europe e.V.)
  • Ms Laura FRATI-GUCCI
    World Association of Women Entepreneurs
  • Mr Israël MENSAH
    Catholic International Education Office(OIEC)
  • Rapporteurs
  • Mr Jean-Michel CAUDRON
    International Federation of Associations of the Elderly (FIAPA)
  • Ms jessica CHAMBA
    European Movement
  • Mr Oren GOSTIAUX
    European Parents Association
  • Member in a consultative capacity
    The President of INGO Service

    Mr Michel MULLER
    Mission Europa