Dear Mr. Gordeev,

We appeal to you with our deep concern on situation with Human Rights House-Voronezh and ask your support in solving this situation. Currently the Human Rights House in Voronezh is situated at Tsyurupy str. 34
Organizations based there had numerous appeals to the municipal authorities and the acting mayor in order to get the situation with premises solved, but no official answer and no decision was proposed to them.

Human Rights House — Voronezh (HRH) — is a community of civil society, charitable and human rights organizations, whose activities are known in Russia and far beyond. The House is one of the most famous and one of largest centres acting in Russia for protection and promotion of human rights. Its importance and acknowledgement may be seen in the fact the Youth Human Rights Movement (one of NGOs hugely supported by the HRH) is this year official nominee to the Nobel Peace Prize.

The work of the Human Rights House and its members gives positive impact to the image of the city and region, approving the importance and crucial role of the civil society in strengthening mutual understanding among the citizens, and between the citizens and authorities.

Thanks to the Human Rights House a lot of people come to visit Voronezh, including both the famous artists, film directors, public figures and young people from various countries who come here as volunteers.
Thanks to our colleagues from the Human Rights House we know Voronezh as one of the largest civil society centres in Russia.

For many years the work and existence of the Human Rights House was possible thanks to the support of municipal and regional authorities, and it was a very important contribution.

Unfortunately, this year both main organizations, who rent premises for the HRH – YHRM Charitable Foundation and the Confederation of Free Labour were refused to prolong the rent agreement, as the city council took decision to create in this building a municipal youth centre (Centre for Support of Youth Programs and Projects)

We do think, that the creation of such youth centre is important, but it should never be done by elimination of work of civil society organizations, especially those working with the youth.
We think that such step may have very bad influence on the image of the Voronezh city and region. And we ask you to seek possibilities to provide this civil society organizations with alternative place to stay.

We claim on you to give full support and assistance to the safe and development of such unique civil society centre as Human Rights House Voronezh.