Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe


Working group “Violence against the Elderly and Human Rights”

Working directions

- To inventory at the EU level the measures of protection and prevention.
- Idem for some countries non-member of the EU.
- To carry out a critical study on what is done to fight against all forms of violence as well as on preventive measures, application of texts and their applicability.
- To inventory the current measures of observation, measurement and reform.

The group will work to elaborate the necessary tools for the development and the harmonization of European systems of protection of the elderly and particularly the most vulnerable ones.

It will bring together interested INGOs, elected representatives and experts in Europe willing to get involved in these themes and will closely work with the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly as well as the DG Human Rights and the Rule of Law of the Council of Europe. It will also work with the relevant parliamentarian groups of the European Parliament.

It will regularly meet within the Council of Europe in Strasbourg as well as in Brussels and Paris in the offices at the disposal of FIAPA and its member associations, or in any other city likely to accommodate work sessions.

The preparation, for discussion and adoption by the Conference of INGOs, of a universal charter of the protection of the vulnerable elderly people could be the 2012 objective.

The vote by the Parliamentary Assembly of a recommendation in 2014 could constitute another objective.

For the working group: Alain KOSKAS, FIAPA, January 2012